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Nintendo Battles Makers of the R4 188

eldavojohn writes "A neat little device called the R4 allows for homebrew on the DS ... and as micro SD prices fall, it is becoming easier and easier to put on these cartridges binary dumps of games people don't have the right to play. Which is why Nintendo will see them in court. Note, it's not just the console maker pressing charges, it's also Capcom, Koei, Square Enix, Tecmo, Bandai Namco, and Sega. Is this truly a case of fighting piracy, or is it also an attempt to stop homebrew from stealing the market?"

Comment How is it supposed to work ? (Score 1) 831

anyone knows how is TMP supposed to work ?, is it for identifying/coprocessing vista's useless encryption or is it supposed to encrypt downloaded media to tie it up to the box, the article doesn't really explain anything ? these anti-piracy attempts are incredible stupid, the pc is not a closed box, ppl will reverse engineer the chip and make an emulator for it in like 2 months while it existence causes additional costs because of encryption licenses (that not only will not add additional value to the customer but will actually hurt him), and will cause things not to work with old computers (news flash, a huge user base keeps their box until they blow up or are unable to keep using it without an upgrade, which takes several years, in my country you can find ppl running pentium mmx and pentium2, they even install winxp on them and endure the painfully slow speed rather than upgrade) you know, i remember walking down the street a few years ago and suddenly stopping in front of a newspaper stand, i just couldn't believe what i had just seen, a cover of a pc magazine with a pirate skull crossed off and a "the end of piracy" sign, it seems it had an article about ancient cd DRM, you know, those that were usually cracked before the actual game came out, after rofling for a few hours i kept walking, this article sound the same way.

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