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Comment Re:by my estimation (Score 3, Interesting) 146

Note the RIAA has never published music, and is not a music publisher so should have no right to fine uploaders/distributors /publishers

They represent some of the Music Publishers in the USA, but not all of them, and not all music publishers across the world

But they will and have tried to prosecute people for uploading material where the copyright is not owned by the people they represent, even outside the USA

Comment Re:haha (Score 1) 119

You have marketed and sold the value of your product based on an interactive interface that can inform, update and interact with the user, then set up a voting system where you inform them of the vote by email, and the voting system is seemingly not coping with the volume of votes when less that 1% are trying ....

As an exercise in proving the voting system is broken it worked very well

Comment Re:As much as I hate Microsoft... (Score 1) 724

Microsoft have their own infrastructure and inapp payments system and do not need to use Apple's resources at, Apple forces everyone to use theirs like it or not and charges them for the privilege

Microsoft Apps can use any or their own
Android Apps can use any or their own

Apple are the only Smartphone system that forces you to use their app store for all apps, forces you to use their system to make in app payments, and charges you for each ....

Comment Physical phone - no (Score 1) 445

The physical phone is not needed you can simply run a soft-phone on a PC/Laptop.

But a headset/handset/speaker(phone) is essential unless you hardly use it, it's just these are plugged into a computer instead of the handset

Note both Skype and mobile phones have very bad audio quality compare to copper or properly setup VOIP

Comment Re:crap system is proven to be crap (Score 1) 330

No it means that if someone can steal the password hashes then your passwords are known ....

Why is the database of passwords on a machine that is capable of being stolen in the first place, this is like the soldier having a list of challenges and responses written down where anyone he challenges could potentially see the entire list ...

The solution is for the user facing machine not to contain the hashes just an API to check individual passwords as needed

Comment Re:How to treat a loyal customer (Score 1) 571

It depends what you do with exchange, if it is just an email server then it is vast overkill ...there are better alternatives

If however you use it properly and completely then it is difficult to find an alternative, but many of the "properly and completely" features are integration with MS active directory, MS windows, MS Office, MS Sharepoint etc ... which unsurprisingly Microsoft can do better than anyone else ...

Comment Re:Whose Data Is It? (Score 1) 227

No it does not help the customer who are in the majority ...if you sell 300 items then 300 people want them it does not matter who they are where they are, it only reduces your advertising costs as you can direct your adverts to people who are already buying your product (and leave out the people who are not buying now) !

Comment Re:Rats. (Score 2) 417

The real issue is not their competitors or even the market, but the single question "Can I run xxxx on it" the xxxx is currently a Windows application and so the only system that can answer yes is Windows ....(fill in with Exchange, Office, Outlook, etc etc ...)

Microsoft will only fade when people ask about apps that will either run on other system or will not run on Windows ...

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