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Comment Re:So it should (Score 2) 285

I don't want to "Learn" Metro! I just want to use my computer!

If the interface is not obvious then it is getting in the way, and Metro (or whatever it is called this week) just gets in the way

The Start button was a faster than the program manager
the Search in the start menu was often faster than using the Start menu
Metro is in all cases slower ...

I don't want to run windows, use windows etc ... I want to use the programs that run on it ....!

Comment Re:Protecting the arts and artists (Score 1) 442

Corporations should not have copyright ... give it to a person, that might be the CEO but at least assign it to a real person

Similar to Patents it should be from N years of first publication (not creation) in *any* medium (no different copyright for new medium), but they have limited rights before that

This gives the creator control, and rights from when they can reasonably start to reap the rewards ..but also gives them enough time to make it ready (none of this complaining about different time to markets)

Comment Re:Trust (Score 2) 404

It depends what you mean by guaranteed civil rights ... We don't have a (written) constitution that guarantees this but we do have a body of legislation that does the same thing (possibly better?)

Your constitution guarantees freedom of speech (which ours does not explicitly) but you have more legislation that removes this in some (many) circumstances

Comment Re:Read the court order here, all 4 pages of it (Score 2) 609

Remember that in most of the western world Obama would be considered Right of Centre, and Bush Very Right of Centre ...

Like most political systems with only a few parties the parties likely to get elected are very similar (and continually go on about where they differ)

But the alternative is many parties that differ a lot, but you need a coalition to get anything done and they tend to average out ....

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