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Comment Re:No hardware? (Score 1) 225

Are you being dense on purpose? Please explain the difference the main differences in hardware in HDCP-capable hardware running Windows vs. the same hardware running Linux. It's fully a software problem, and you can do format shifting and outputting the result to a screen on the fly, too.

The code is about breaking all handshakes in HDCP content protection, so you might there goes your argument in any case.

Comment Re:No hardware? (Score 1) 225

This was addressed earlier in another post. You get the GPU-monitor and probably optical drive-motherboard (or GPU, if it's "direct" lane)handshakes made, there's (basically) no need for extra hardware, you just need the processing power to get the content decrypted.

We have seen plenty of specific HDCP breaks that can decrypt a limited set of movies; this is the general break, which does not care much about the HW and firmware (optical drive) details.

Comment Re:No hardware? (Score 1) 225

Yes, and you don't answer the question. If I have two similar computers, both HDCP capable at least on paper, what's the physical difference? HDCP is meant to be fast in the hardware, but it doesn't mean that it's not possible to decrypt it in software; and more to the point, there is no physical difference as the GGGP implies: It's just the same hardware.

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