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The Spread of Do-It-Yourself Biotech 206

zrbyte writes "Are you an electronics hobbyist or a garden shed tinkerer? If so, then move aside, because there's a new kid on the block: the DIY biotechnologist. The decreasing price of biotech instrumentation has made it possible for everyday folks (read: biotech geeks) with a few thousand dollars to spare to equip their garages and parents' basements with the necessary 'tools of the trade.' Some, like PCR machines, are available on eBay; other utensils are hacked together from everyday appliances and some creativity. For example: microscopes out of webcams and armpit E. coli incubators. Nature News has an article on the phenomenon, describing the weird and wonderful fruits of biotech geek ingenuity, like glow-in-the-dark yogurt. One could draw parallels with the early days of computer building/programming. It may be that we're looking at a biotech revolution, not just from the likes of Craig Venter, but from Joe-next-door hacking away at his E. coli strain. What are the Steve Wozniaks of biotech working on right now?"

StarCraft AI Competition Results 113

bgweber writes "The StarCraft AI Competition announced last year has come to a conclusion. The competition received 28 bot submissions from universities and teams all over the world. The winner of the competition was UC Berkeley's submission, which executed a novel mutalisk micromanagement strategy. During the conference, a man versus machine exhibition match was held between the top ranking bot and a former World Cyber Games competitor. While the expert player was capable of defeating the best bot, less experienced players were not as successful. Complete results, bot releases, and replays are available at the competition website."

Comment Re:Sandbox (Score 5, Funny) 225

Sounds suspiciously Apple-like. iPhone apps do this very thing.

No shit Sherlock: sandboxing, emulation, memory and hardware virtualization, CPU ring modes are all Apple inventions from 1970s and Windows 7 you're browsing from right now has its code base from Apple Lisa of that era.

Comment Re:lolwut? (Score 2, Insightful) 510

Like everyone else I hate the security issues of Flash and think that for simple things like web forms, pull-down menus and video players designers should switch to HTML5. However there's no good alternative for web games.

Though there's clearly some progress, I have yet to see playable games in HTML5. All we have right now are few conceptual proofs. Google's pacman doesn't count: it lags and I'm pretty sure took 20 times more time to develop than its Flash alternative.

Comment Re:Ok, but (Score 1) 1138

Interesting idea. I'm more for employers covering individual employee's student loan rather than public fund approach. Students from your local techie school should be more affordable to employer than some high flying business/law/med grads.

Some employers right now are doing it, but government can be more encouraging here. Instead of paying off interest for active students, even ones who wont get a related job.

Comment Re:Not Correct (Score 0, Troll) 522

You mean via the same mechanism where you type information into 'Bing', and then 'Bing' responds with your search results?

No, I meant web forms, not Bing.

Most people don't type in 100 character URL's (I don't know of any) they either have it bookmarked, or they search for it via, you guess it, the search engine like Google, Bing, or whatnot.

Yeah and most of they use AOL keywords anyway...

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