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Comment Re:Wow! (Score 1) 183

Seriously... I'm sure there are other people here who would knowingly go to the phishing page and deliberately enter garbage just to screw with the dicks who are trying to scam accounts.

I do this.

The biggest annoyance with entering bad data is actually Firefox . It makes me click through the phishing warnings before posting my bogus info.

I also usually leave them a message in the bogus data.

PS. How did you guys guess my password!? "lafaroleratropezoooooooooooooo" was picked because I couldn't even remember it!

Comment Re:The whole thing is silly (Score 1) 567

Selling to you is just a sideline to Microsoft's real business.

No, that's how they get people hooked so they demand to use it in a business environment where the costs can be very high.

MS makes most of their money from things like support that you pay through the nose for. Businesses want to pay people to take care of such things because they have been conditioned to believe that it isn't cost effective to do it in house.

MS has literally conditioned people (like my boss) to be scared of Linux and open source.

Comment Re:Narrow escape (Score 1) 413

The vast majority of the problems came from replacing files that LxLabs's software would access with elevated privileges with symlinks to target files like /etc/shadow. One combination of these tricks even led to full root shell access. Who needs an SQL injection attack... except to access an account so you don't even need to be a paid user.

Comment Re:Evolution Determines Intelligence (Score 2, Insightful) 190

Look at Japan. It has a tiny fraction of the natural resources of Africa. Yet, the Japanese people created the 2nd-richest nation on the planet.

My history may be way off but:

Didn't the Japanese move there recently (evolutionary timescale) from the mainland? There wouldn't be enough time for evolution to make an equivalent difference. Modern (same timescale) cultures can offset a lack in resources easily. After overcoming that hurdle, a small land mass can be a blessing for a country's development. One example is how much better their connectivity is because they don't need to span a country the size of the US.

Are both ends of the spectrum the best for a country's development? US = huge = tons of resources, japan = small = needs less resources. (I realize that there might be a lower limit to this, making this not work for tiny countries. There are also other factors that have led to Japan's success)

Comment Re:Dear lord, this is horrible... (Score 1) 83

Just try walking in the mall as all 100,000 posters located in random locations start talking all at once

There are laws to keep this from happening. It is already very easy to add a small speaker to posters to do this kind of thing. (Remember the Big Mouth Billy Bass) People would throw a fit and get such things taken down if they ever got to be so annoying... quit over-reacting people.

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