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Comment Re:The new graphics (Score 1) 305

Then they will be pushed to developing games for linux.

With games developed for a linux based console, it would be an easy switch (if not trivial) to distribute them to linux PCs. That's part of why the windows + xbox releases are so easy to make.

Though M$ likes that they have control over industry and won't give it up without a fight.

Comment Re:Voting is a joke now (Score 2, Interesting) 223

Maybe not as easy as you think. Watch the videos; they've come up with some very clever ways that the voting machines can tamper with the paper trail.

This was just an exploit of crappy programming and an ineffective paper log on Sequoia's part and not an indication that the principle of a paper trail is flawed. For instance, in the case when the voter leaves before actually casting their vote and it is then voided could easily be avoided by making the voter aware that their vote hasn't been cast until X. If they don't bother to ensure that X happens, it's their fault. It's equivalent to handing your ballot to someone without staying to watch them drop it in the machine. If that is still too complicated for people, there can still be an optional paper equivalent.

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