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Comment VMWare Workstation (Score 1) 384

VMWare Workstation is king for desktop virtualization. People will recommend all sorts of free/opensource tools, but the features simply wont compare to VMWare. DirectX support, snapshots, seemly windows etc etc etc. It does cost about $150, but well worth it if you have serious needs.

Comment Re:Useful how? (Score 1) 297

I think that "in general" you're right, but you're forgetting the human aspect. If my uncle is buying something for his computer, it might not care what all of his facebook friends think about computers, but he might VERY WELL care what *I* think, and so he might be curious to see what I like. In a similar regard, I wouldnt ask my mother where to vacation, but I have several friends on facebook that do a lot of traveling, and I think seeing their experiences might be useful.

Comment People will buy it (Score 1) 130

Because people wont look at it as "the price of half a console" they will look at it as "the price of 2 1/2 games". People spent $150 a month on TV + Internet, they will have no problem spending that on their kids for christmas in order to place something that isnt "run around and blow up other kids".

Comment Bad Move (Score 1) 287

Wow, these companies are really shooting themselves in the foot when it comes to corporate adoption.

No right-minded SysAdmin would want this sort of thing in their environment. While I understand that you CAN turn it off, Im willing to bet (without caring enough to actually look), that they have neglected to add any security features that would prevent an end user from turning the "auto update" back on.

Comment Re:Efficiency ? (Score 1) 490

It sounds tike you need better management tools, not a new OS. There's lots of ways to minimize the Processes/Services running on XP and to keep the systems clean...without remoting into them individually. not to mention....removing old files and profiles will not to ANYTHING to improve the speed of the computer.

Comment Efficiency ? (Score 3, Insightful) 490

You're speaking of "efficiency". I assume you're speaking of FireFox as an example. But there's is nothing more efficient about an IT organization supporting more than one tool for the same purpose, based on the preference of a user (or an admin). If you can lay out how a company or IT organization would improve efficiency by supporting FireFox, along side IE (because you MUST support IE since many 3rd party apps use the IE engine embedded), I'd love to see it. I might even elect you to office.

Comment Re:Who are these people? (Score 1, Informative) 319

Many corporations insist on IE only. Why? Becuase so many 3rd party applications use the IE engine, that you have to keep it patched and maintained anyway. Allowing additional browsers, that create little-to-no value for the company, is just and added expense and bad practice. (remember, software is supposed to fullfil a NEED, not a preference) The "IE is vulnerable" arguement holds no water, because if the IT Security team is doing their job, such exploits can usually be blocked through various security tools as soon as such and exploit is known.

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