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Comment 5% Response? (Score 1) 429

I love articles like this! This same "study" has been shown on many other websites. Most of them fess up that the study was sent to 20,000 "IT Admins". Only about 1000 responded. So they have a 5% response to the poll. Second thing I love is that they dont define who an "IT Admin" really is. I know a LOT of "admins" who really have no clue what the direction of their IT department is on a 6-12 month view.

Comment Re:The Length? (Score 2, Informative) 543

Its not that uncommon. They will break up the commercial into several small sets that you will see over and over again.

So you might see one 30sec spot that just has the part at the dinner table, etc.

They do this alot with superbowl commercials. During the Superbowl you might see a 1.5 minute commercial, and then for months after you only see parts of it.

Submission + - Xandros becomes a business distribution over-night (microsoft.com)

JeremyGNJ writes: I might be jumping the gun here, but it seems like there's some news that will have thousands of IT managers considering Xandros as a business distribution, nearly over-night. Apparently they have licensed Microsoft Exchange protocols from Microsoft as part of their newly formed partnership with Microsoft.

When I first spotted this, I assumed that they licensed the Outlook-Exchange protocol for the purpose of making a "native" exchange client....which would have been huge news. This is so much bigger. Microsoft allowing another company to use their Exchange protocol on the server-side is not something I ever expected to see happen. Most people know how critical MS Exchange is in many large corporations. This creates the prospect of an alternative...even a migration path, away from Exchange.

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