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Comment Re:We might get a tad pissed off (Score 1) 1425

If Bin Laden died the US would need to resurrect him. He's a boogeyman that's useful for reminding people why we spend an insane amount of money on the war on terror. For all I know the CIA has been producing all the Bin Laden videos since 2002.

"Bin Laden" brought to you by CIA productions
*read the next bit fast like a disclaimer*
Copyright United States of America, "Bin Laden" is the registered trademark of the US Department of Homeland Security. All Rights reserved.

Comment Re:Also as a practical matter (Score 1) 1155

Give them a password that doesn't work, say that was the one you used and thus it must have been changed by a trojan after you last logged out.. You have then provided a password so are not guilty of failing to provide a password and they can't prove without access that it wasn't a trojan. No idea how that would play out but if you are getting locked up anyway then it would be worth a try.

Comment Actually it's not that bad an idea.. (Score 1) 289

Assuming that fee is paid, and obviously I pay a portion of it on my broadband bill does that not mean that any material I download is in effect legal as I have licensed it with said fee.

So I can download Shrek 4 Bluray rip legally for a £2pm increase on my broadband bill.

I'd essentially get as much music / films etc as I want for a £2pm subscription

The trick of course is if X is the price of a retail copy and 4X is the fee per month then I logical need to download at least 5X worth of music etc per month to make it "worth while"

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