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Comment Re:At the risk of starting a flame war (Score 2, Insightful) 193

People often say that the control key combinations are difficult in Emacs, but this is only so if 1) you don't touch-type and 2) your keyboard is older than 20 years. On a modern (=post 90s) keyboard, there are two control keys and two alt keys, one for each hand.

Here's how you should type a typical Emacs chordal command: use both hands. For example, M-x is typed by pressing the x with the left hand, and the ALT with the right hand. This is touch typing 101. (Similarly, you would type a capital letter by pressing the letter with the nearest hand, and pressing shift with the other hand.)

You can still reprogram your keyboard, and you can change the key combinations in your .emacs if you prefer something else, but if you think about it a little, all the commands you're likely to need can be typed comfortably if you use both hands simultaneously.

Comment Re:It depends... (Score 1) 6

As for "non-standard" development tools, I do hope those have gone through the proper channels for purchasing (if necessary) and the licenses have been studied by your lawyers. Nothing like being forced to release your internal application code due to a GPL violation from an over-exuberant developer who can't read a license before he clicks "Accept" on the installer.

Personally I wouldn't be so concerned about that if you're using Eclipse, NetBeans, or something relatively mainstream, but the legal department would probably have a fit.


Comment Re:Nothing but praise here (Score 1) 223

I haven't used anything other than mozilla/firefox in so long, I couldn't really say. But my guess would be that since the issue that I come across seems to be related to getting a network response from the ad server. I'm not a browser guru, so I simply install adblock plus, import my block list, and forget about it.

Comment Re:Why did he not succeed ? (Score 1) 809

Mod Parent Up! The terrorists have yet again managed to make every (air) travelling American's life even more miserable. And killed off landmark-announcing, one of the few remaining holdover practices from when air travel was glamorous. Not being able to have your laptop out for the last hour will go over real well with the business crowd. I keep hoping at some point their tactic will become counterproductive, and the sheeple might decide they'd rather fly hassle-free with a 0.01% chance of terrorist activity than uncomfortably with a 0.005% chance. So far, not the case. Perhaps if this drives enough people to the train, Amtrak funding will improve?

Comment Hardware problem? (Score 1) 539

Why did you not just give them access to the logfiles. Just setup a new apache on port 8080, do a few symlinks to bring the log files into the default html folder, update config to follow symlinks, add a .htaccess file and you are done. Should not take more then 20 minutes.

How exactly did you expect them to help you, if you are the only customer with problems, and you don't give them any access to your log files.

And it's time to change hosting provider if they really did the "bringing it down and poking around through my logs" part, because there is no reason to bring the server down to look at the log files. They could just copy them.

Comment Re:This attack was perfectly succesful (Score 1) 809

Great point. I was over-focusing on the economic / hassle factor. You're correct that a potentially even greater impact is the fragmentation of our society based on profiles and stereotypes. I travel to Israel regularly where profiling (say - at a club or the airport) is a 100% accepted practice. Why - it works. The downside - a 2 tier society.

Comment Re:Result (Score 1) 809

Sorry, I didn't realize the size of the explosives and intelligence of the attacker made the difference.

So, let me make sure I understand the nuances.

1. "Large explosives" on an airplane are terrorists. "Small explosives" are a bunch of goofs looking for a laugh, and nothing to worry about.
2. Failed bombers are "idiots" and successful bombers are "terrorists."

Richard Reid would approve of this new distinction. Let him loose and buy him a beer. "Sorry for the mistake, Dick. Try again next year."

Comment Re:At least 10 years too late. (Score 1) 525

The reason GM needed to get bailed out by the government is because they ignored the evidence of every other country on earth and presumed US gas prices would always stay the same.

Hehe.. if they had put that much thought into it I'd surprised. As late as the end of 2008, a GM spokesperson was still saying at a car show that the American consumer doesn't care about gas prices and that the SUV and big truck would continue to sell well. I don't know what his full reasoning was -- maybe he assumed that the people who bought very large trucks and SUVs *needed* those vehicles so would buy them regardless of gas prices -- but the short of it is that even when other manufacturers were at the very least hedging their bets about big trucks/SUVs by having one or two vehicles with better fuel efficiency (or at least not a big truck), GM was still barreling (haha) on with a 2002 mindset.

Comment Re:The XBox's need more coverage. (Score 1) 328

Video gaming in general could have used more prominence in TFA. After all, it's undoubtedly a part of the tech sector.

But not as widely relevant as computers, phones, or the internet. I'd guess those are all used by 99% of TFA's readers, and use of media such as TV and music are probably over 95%. Sure, games are popular, but not quite so universal. For example, the last console I owned was an Atari, and unless you count the couple apps I installed on my iPhone out of curiosity, the last video game I played was Riven.

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