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Comment Re:The Christian Thing to do (Score 1) 32


I'll leave one more comment before I permanently erase my password here. He NEVER " VAGINALLY AND ANALLY RAPED A 13 YEAR OLD GIRL", what he did do is pressure a girl under his employment to have sex with him. There was no kidnapping or violence used, as is implied by the Trolls and Liars who want to physically harm me because I'm trying to bring some Truth and Rationality to an irrational situation. Unfortunately the Truth is always the first victim of a lynch mob.

You people can have your fun demonizing me and being proud of yourselves, meanwhile I'll spend my time studying psychology, and all the other social sciences that people like you always put down. I'll admit that I am a freak because I don't lie, steal and cheat, and I'm not into lynch mobs either. My opinion of people like you and the person who openly stated that he wants to kill me are almost the same (but not so violent in nature); you people are disturbing.

Comment Re:The Christian Thing to do (Score 1) 32

Look at the Winners who Upmodded the Troll and Flamer. Unfortunately this type of attitude is prevalent in society: Hatred and violence always get rewarded. FUCK YOU ALL ASSHOLES. If violence should be done, it should be done by the people who are abused by bullies. There needs to be more Columbines. I'm out of here. PEOPLE on Slashdot are sick fucks. BY assholes. I hope you all die.

Comment Re:Sure (Score 1) 32

but we should really focus on unfucking the congo, and for that matter, south africa first. Take the people who support the rape in south africa and put them up against the wall first, sound good?

As to the people, the irrational crowds, the morally righteous mob who label me a "defender of child rapists", I am in favour of this. In fact I've always been against child slavery (sexual and otherwise), and yet the same neocons are often defensive about child slavery since they believe it means they can get cheaper running shoes. It's amazing what type of beliefs people have when you actually talk to them.

Comment Re:The thing to do (RANT) (Score 1) 32

Hey, MORON: "

I have had IQ tests to prove that I am not a moron. You are just arguing with Flame warfare and propaganda, because you know that you can't win through logic or rationality.

ANY "sexual relations" between an 18+ yr old and a 13 yr old IS RAPE!!!

A) You claim that this isn't a neocon issue and yet you do what the neocons do; create a moral issue where there is none, and then force your moral views onto other people, and then threaten to kill and torture people who don't live up to your bizarre moral views.

paints you as stupid.

Again, not very good logic here.

Being anally raped by my 40-something father when I was 13 probably had a lot to do with it.

That is a logical error in reasoning which many people have; they illogically correlate variables together. Unfortunately consensual sex has nothing to do with unconsensual sex. Rape victims often over-generalize that way. You need to see through your illogic. Hating people and wanting to harm people won't make things better for you or for anybody.

Go suck a gun barrel, defender of child-rapists - you're *almost* as bad as they are.

Again, your lies and propaganda can't be defended by anything you say. I've been abused by neocons like yourself, and I choose to use reason instead of violence on them. The sad thing is that you probably realize that equating rape with sex and violence is a logical fallacy, and that you are probably intelligent enough to realize that it is only useful for propaganda purposes. You can hate me all you want, but I do respect all people, no matter what there beliefs (sexual or otherwise).

Comment Re:The thing to do (RANT) (Score 1) 32

You spoke about about sexual relations in general, and not just about "rape":

To hell with him doing time - any adult (18+) who while in that age range has had sexual relations with a 13-yr-old child should have his genitals blown off with a double-barreled 12-gauge

You are obviously a neocon in your attitudes and beliefs. You are obviuosly attempting to twist what I say into propaganda to support your own immoral views. You say that you want to murder, kill and torture. You claim that sex is bad. Clearly you have problems. You are sicko.

Comment Re:The Christian Thing to do (Score 1) 32

If you read the transcripts, he admitted that he:

      1. knew she was 13
      2. betrayed the family's trust
      3. gave her booze and drugs
      4. had vaginal sex with her

I didn't read the "transcripts" (court transcript I assume), but I am aware of the issues.

As for serving time, he was in custody for a period of time. One can never make accurate assumptions as to why people would flea custody, but since you appear to know about the case you should be aware that there was constant pressure to put him in jail for the rest of his life for what people gleefully describe as "child rape", as opposed to "engaging in unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor". Of course you know this, and bad behavior should obviously be punished. He suffered exile, humiliation, and financial penalties (paid to the aggrieved party). If I thought he could have a fair, unbiased court appearance in the United States of America then I would probably be more sympathetic to the neocon position.

The issues here are moral, and not legal. The police, and governments will always enforce the law depending on their personal whims and morals. The average person will ride the bandwagon of morality, and use the Law as an excuse. It's about feeling well socialized. People need a common enemy, and if they don't have one they will try to create one; it helps with social bonding. Too bad people aren't as interested in arresting mass murderers like Augusto Pinoche, but instead spend vast amounts of tax payers money tracking down somebody who pressured a young girl into sex. Clearly mass murder is more repellent than "date rape". Actually, I guess it isn't.

Comment The Christian Thing to do (Score 1) 32

Congratulations; you've jumped on the neocon bandwagon. In fact you've lit the torches and are inviting people to march towards the village. First invite the Christians, because they know all about bandwagons, then invite the conservatives, then implore the Liberals not to be communists and to join the fight against evil... It's not about the law, he's served his time (although not the full 50 years for the "drugging" and "rape"), it's about morality. But hey, I guess I'm just one of those loser apologists who should be socially and financially isolated... actually, in my case that would be quite redundant. Nothing new here, just people getting off on their moral panics. The aggrieved parties have put the issue to rest, Polanski has already been punished, and yet the neocons still want to make an issue out of it, because if it involves sex with somebody under the age of 21 then it is immoral, and if it doesn't involve government funded torture and murder then it should be condemned.

I wonder how many "Christians" will do the Christian thing and ask the assholes who are after Polanski to forgive him for his sins. There is a neocon mentality that needs to be fed, the fascist indignation that needs to be let loose, and stones that need to be thrown. It's no secret that I'm not normal, because I've never been into moral panics. I guess it's just one of the many reasons why people think I'm crazy and why I think socializing is bad.

Comment Re:You sound like another socialist (Score 1) 8

when properly constrained, capitalism works very well - socialism doesn't.

That's the mythology. Too bad I'm mentally incapable of believing what people tell me. I haven't been socialized properly, so the confabulations and rationalizations of Facts haven't had time to effect my brain. If I could understand the logic of how people rationalize their belief systems then perhaps I would be a lot smarter, or maybe I'd just be more of an idiot.

Comment Re:You sound like another socialist (Score 1) 8

I'm not a socialist, it just doesn't work.

"Socialism" and "capitalism" are not discrete philosophical units as your statement seems to imply [1], nor is "race" or colour (I was going to comment on the fact that the article references the "white", "Hispanic" and "black" races; but not the "brown", "red" or "yellow" races, amongst the thousands of others. "Colour" unfortunately is continuous, as are the cultural traits which define what colour a person is). But some people just say I'm crazy, so what I think probably doesn't matter.

1. There are some "socialists" who engage in profiteering. I.e. they sell things on eBay for more than the actual item is worth and let their children run lemonade stands; and there are some capitalists who give to charity and who even support paying taxes to furnish the military with weapons and employees to use those weapons.

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