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Comment Absolutely would use one (Score 1) 435

Hells yeah I'd use one. I'd keep it in my bag and use it when I'm out and need to give lengthy responses to e-mails, stuck somewhere and want to watch some netflix (maybe...if netflix moves away from silverlight to html5) or hulu or something. I've got a million places I'd use this. It'd be basically a larger version of my Android phone. Sometimes the phone is just a little cramped and I'd like a little more screen real estate...also, Google, if you're reading this, I could also totally make use of an electric car that's ad supported...I'm just sayin'.

Comment Re:No, its not game over (Score 2, Interesting) 345

On board with you...been without the cable for nearly a year now. Netflix, Hulu, OTA, and Google supply me with all the entertainment I should bother with anyway. If I can't find what I want in less than a minute, I shouldn't be sitting on my fat ass anyway, so I go outside. I think it's a really good paradigm shift. I've lost loads of weight since I got rid of cable.

Comment Re:I always maintained blue ray was moot (Score 2, Interesting) 685

I own a PS3 and I watch blu-ray from Netflix on it all the time. I don't even have the remote and the interface is very nice. Also, due to how much horsepower the system has, it's one of the top players on the market. A friend of mine has both the PS3 and a standalone player (his parents), and I can honestly say that it's a wash as far as interface goes. The discs themselves pretty much determine that. Image quality wise, I can't tell the difference. Also, the 120hz TV causes a strange effect when you see blu-ray movies on it...almost feels like the movie is being fast forwarded.

Long post short: I have a PS3 and will not buy a standalone because the gaming console is just fine for playing movies.

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