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Comment Re:good! (Score 2, Interesting) 393

Actually, it was Pennsylvania State University that found Mann's research to be scientifically accurate, not the University of Pennsylvania (although you were correct that it was the University where he teaches and that receives income from the funding of his climate research. The interesting thing is that the person who put together the group to investigate him was the President of Pennsylvania State University, the same President who put together the group which initially "investigated" the allegations of sexual misconduct against Sandusky (that found no reason to contact the police about those allegations, even though the law clearly required them to do so).

Comment Re:Dangerous... (Score 1) 399

Stop blaming the teachers...

Stop having any interaction at all with government school teachers. They aren't to blame for anything. There's nothing they can do. About anything. Ever. So they're of no particular use to you.

If you care about them, you'll teach your own children. Or find a school or a teacher who works for you, answers to you, and can be held responsible by you.

Comment Re:good! (Score 2, Insightful) 393

Mann's research has been found to be scientifically accurate by an investigative team appointed by the same University President who could not be bothered to investigate allegations of child molestation against Sandusky, a University President who had a vested interest in Mann's research being found to be scientifically accurate to the tune of several million dollars in research grants.

Comment Re:Brazil (Score 1) 683

When the poor start to starve...

Why wouldn't "the poor" decide to produce something instead of starving? Why do you think so little of "the poor"?

If you actually looked at a crowd of "the poor" in the US, you'd conclude they're not in danger of starving any time soon.

Keeping the masses reasonably well off...

In a free country, there wouldn't be "the masses", nor would anyone be "kept". Free people are individuals. They make their own choices.

Comment Re:Importance in diversity of energy sources (Score 1) 230

The erectile dysfunction drugs were all initially being developed for other purposes. It was an accident when the first one, during testing for its original purpose, was discovered to help erectile dysfunction. The others were all the similar drugs under study for the original purpose that the first one was being developed for when the news broke.
So, the fact that drug companies have developed new antibiotics, but haven't made much money is in your mind evidence that market based solutions have failed? And it is evidence that drug companies don't develop them? Maybe the problem is not market based solutions but is rather the government interference in the market?

Comment Re:Realization Dawns (Score 1) 523

Face it, you're a partisan hack and ignored the wrong-doing until "not your guy" ended up in office.

And now you're assisting your guy with his present-day wrongdoing -- not historical wrongs, but wrongs that are being committed right now and will be committed tomorrow and are planned for many tomorrows to come. And all those people you hate just announced their policy, and they're on the right side of the issue.

Comment Re:Realization Dawns (Score 1) 523

I did not say anything about that being "a justification" or "the purpose" of anything. The point is that terrorists are less of a threat now. Consider it a complete coincidence if you want. Consider it a mistake to take terrorism seriously in 2001 and 2002 if you want. None of that changes the point.

People who worried about terrorism in 2002 may see less reason be as worried about it now. Why shouldn't they change policy to reflect a new situation?

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