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I've heard statistics from some sources as high as 97% of black voters will be voting for Obama, just google for some of it it's out there. Even if they're off and lets say it's only 85%, still.

If 85% of white people voted for McCain, it would be considered racist.

Just saying.

Check your statistics (and your assumptions). Democratic presidential candidates always get ~90% of the black vote; so, it's just unreasonable to suggest that this is because Obama is black. Kerry got ~88% of the black vote in 2004, while Gore got ~90%. Current estimates suggest that OBama has ~91% of the black vote, which is essentially unchanged. In the Democratic primaries, Senator Clinton was doing very well among black voters in polls, until certain incidents in South Carolina.


Submission + - Netscape 9.0 Beta Out for Linux, OS X, and Windows (

epistemiclife writes: The company which spun off Mozilla has released beta 1 of version 9.0 of its long-running Navigator browser for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. This is notable, since version 8.0 was exclusive to Windows, making this the first major update for OS X and Linux, since version 7.2. It is based on Firefox 2.0, and "Netscape extensions" for Firefox 2.0 are available as add-ons to Firefox users.

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