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Comment Re:In college... (Score 1) 125

What the fuck? Tell us what college you went to that A. Uses Windows, B. Allows an unprivileged user the ability to send broadcast messages to the whole domain. When people say epic fail, this is what they're talking about.

Comment Re:wicked-fast door blowing screams? (Score 1) 164

Hate to get off topic here but, I have to disagree with you on quotas. Quotas are a good thing(tm). "Time Burden" being key here; anything the user can do, should be done by the user. Unless you have a bazillion admins (never seen that before) then the user needs to accept some responsibility for what I consider to be trivially easy.

I really don't care who you are, from peon to CEO, part of your job is proper e-mail archival. Keep things nice and tidy with filters. Set automated pruning according to your requirements. Every so often, delete some stuff by hand, or burn it to a CD.

It's just like any other type of filing. If you were an accountant would you leave a huge pile of bills and invoices on your desk until it was so big you couldn't get to your desk?

Comment Re:Show attached block devices (Score 1) 2362

IDK so much about ksh (i use bash) but what you're describing is not how I know libreadline to work by default. The history buffer is kept in memory and HISTFILE is not written to until the exit of the main loop in readline applications, which should be when you exit bash. So doing export HISTFILE=/home/whoever/.blah will not be written to until you ctrl-d out of the shell. You can easily prove to yourself by typing echo $HISTFILE then on the next line type tail -1 $HISTFILE. Your last command is not there. Now hit ctrl-D and You will log out. Log back in and your history from that old dead shell is now in the HISTFILE.
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Submission + - Shuttleworth Makes Up Usage Statistics on the Spot ( 2

Dr. Smoove writes: "At one point in Mid-October, Shuttleworth says they have in excess of six million users. A little less than a year ago, in December 2006, Shuttleworth claims they have *at least* 8 million users. So either Ubuntu has lost a couple million users, or Shuttleworth pulls his numbers out of a hat."

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