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Submission + - Amazon pushes bogus 'Origin of Species' ( 2

flerndip writes: " is currently confusing real editions of Charles Darwin's "On the Origin of Species" with a bogus edition containing a fifty page foreword by Ray Comfort (noted f-tard and "creation-science" evangelist). Unfortunately, ratings for both books are being mixed up together, giving Comfort's tainted edition false positive ratings, and atheists down-rating Comfort's edition end up damaging the rating of real editions of the popular scientific literary work. You can follow the links of positive or negative user reviews of either "150'th Anniversary Edition" to find them often pointing to the wrong edition.

Pharyngula has the story and links to a youTube video explaining the situation here:"


Submission + - 100K Californians to be Gene Sequenced (

eldavojohn writes: "A hundred thousand elderly Californians (average age 65) will be gene sequenced by the state by using their saliva samples. This would be the first time such a large group has had their genes sequenced and is hoped to be a goldmine for genetic diseases--from cardiovascular diseases to diabetes and even the diseases associated with aging. Kaiser Permanente patients will be involved and they are aiming to have half a million samples ready by 2013. Let's hope that they got permission from the patients' doctors first."

Submission + - Metasploit acquired by Rapid7 (

lvorthma writes: From HD Moore: I am excited to announce that Metasploit has been acquired by Rapid7 and that myself and Egypt will be working on Metasploit as our full-time jobs. Rapid7 has committed to keeping the project open source, with no plans to change the license or the community development model. What will be changing is how fast we add new exploits, integrate new features, and release new versions. By backing Metasploit, Rapid7 will benefit from the extensive security research experience of the Metasploit team and use this to enhance its existing NeXpose product line.

Submission + - Deposit the "Wrong" Amount of Cash in Your Bank, G (

corbettw writes: "Reason has a story up about a North Carolina convicted and sentenced to 30 years in prison for depositing money into his bank account. Not ill-gotten gains, just money he received from clients and dutifully reported to the IRS and paid taxes on. But because he deposited it in chunks less than $10,000, he's going to prison for the rest of his life."

Submission + - Metasploit Project Sold (

ancientribe writes: The wildly popular open-source Metasploit penetration testing tool project has been sold to Rapid7, a vulnerability management vendor, paving the way for a commercial version of Metasploit to eventually hit the market. HD Moore, creator of Metasploit, was hired by Rapid7 and will continue heading up the project. This is big news for the indie Metasploit Project, which now gets full-time resources, which Moore says will translate into faster turnaround for new features. Just what a commercial Metasploit product will look like is still in the works, but Rapid7 expects to keep the Metasploit penetration testing tool as a separate product with "high integration" into Rapid7's vulnerability management products.

Comment Re:Yahoo! (Score 1) 178

Most places using it use it for site-to-site VPN, routers, firewalls, etc, so A. only people from significant sites probably know the answer and B. it's not really what it's known for being great at.

Comment Re:OpenBSD pf (Score 3, Informative) 178

ah, that's super easy, have you ever even tried to read the docs? If is a gateway that people are nat'd behind, something like block in from to in pf.conf, done. pfctl -n -f /etc/pf.conf to check that the grammar is correct, and pfctl -F rules -f /etc/pf.conf to reload the rules. If you mean you need to set up the openbsd box to *do* nating it's still pretty simple. All it takes is a quick look at the PF documentation.

Comment Re:Yes, go for it. (Score 1) 918

Funny, my salary more than doubled the day I quit pursuing that worthless piece of paper. Unless you want to get into hardcore computer SCIENCE stuff, and I mean like algorithmically complex shit or research, or you never actually had the hobby of electronics/computing as a child, a CS degree is largely worthless. You'll have a piece of paper that thousands of other talentless code monkeys have.

Comment Re:This is linux's strength, actually (Score 1) 904

I love puppet, a lot, but 40k is a bit of a high number for it. That's probably all cfengine's got going for it at this point, scalability. I think 5000 is the highest I've heard so far for puppet, and that's done at teh Google. Once puppet matures a bit more cfengine will be deprecated. For small shops, it already is.

Comment Re:It's pretty standard these days (Score 2, Informative) 329

rofl, no shit... moon was a hack. I haven't played in years but every drummer i knew usually made fun of keith moon for sounding like a drunken ape. My favorite modern drummer is probably adam deitch. That's just cause I like funk and jazz, but if you're interested, check out N'Yack off "Live in Tokyo" by Lettuce. Not only is the drum track superb, but every other track is sick, and it's live.

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