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Comment Re:1996 called, (Score 1) 349

Without email, files on the network, network printers, whatever corporate apps you have, internet... what good is that PC?

I'm nervous about those, too, but at least those are all parts of the whole. When the Citrix Farm fails while the only Admin is on vacation, everything is down.

Different when you have a larger IT Dept., though.

Comment Re:bookmarks? (Score 1) 447

...most women are odd complicated creatures. E.g., continually changing the subject of a conversation... asking questions but only expecting the answer they want to hear...

I'm in IT & that actually sounds like me, but that's probably the ADD & my inclination toward PHB talking...

Comment Re:Probably 1940s peak of USA (Score 1) 219

Seriously? I wasn't around in the 1940-50's, but this always seems like historical revisionism to me. How has the standard of living dropped in relative terms if "In 1950 some 35 percent of dwellings lacked full indoor plumbing"? Not to mention all the junk I can purchase for Black Friday coming up.

Or what about McCarthyism in Washington? I'll agree we seem to lack an Edward R. Murrow reporter, but I think current politics are still better than the panic & blacklists that existed then.

But, like I said, I wasn't around & IANAH, so I'd be interested to hear how I'm wrong.

Comment Re:I'd never do it, but (Score 1) 783

How long will that last for? The old workhorse printers like the HP LJ 4000 seem to be replaced with disposable printers that are cheaper to junk than repair. That's not true of all printers and equipment, but if the current trend keeps up, IMO it doesn't seem like a good career choice for someone still in the earlier part of their career.

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