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Comment Re:Guy deserves getting beaten (Score 0) 188

Which again, is because its an explicit violation of social norms. One person doing anything different is always creepy because it's asking all sorts of questions: why are they doing it? why would they be doing it? how dangerous do I think this person is?

If you're filmed by a 1000 cameras a day, you're not going to care because it's the norm. In fact, if they were just a facet of daily life (people have Glass for example) then no one is going to care. And yet, one guy coming up out of the blue, with no social reason to be there, just staring at you, will always be creepy.

Comment What is the point of this? (Score 5, Insightful) 306

What is the point of automatically removing child porn so it's not searchable. That's not the problem with child porn.

The problem with child porn is real children are being really abused to make it.

Making it "not searchable" doesn't stop that. Arresting the people who are making it does.

Comment Re:Can't have it all. (Score 1) 622

People who read history always assume history will repeat itself exactly the same way as they've read about. Its why anyone who studies WW2 will go on forever about how hyperinflation is clearly just around the corner and why Americans seem so ridiculously obsessed with fighting the next civil war.

Comment Re:Yes they can (Score 1) 497

The Wii was by and large a failure. Nintendo made money on it, but the piles that Microsoft did this generation. The reality here is gaming is staying exactly where it always has - with the interesting side-effect at the moment that the new generation of consoles look like they'll be running mid-level hardware from the get-go, rather then the usual next-gen hardware which PCs then catch up to later.

Linux still desperately needs a solid graphics stack that OEMs will actually target for drivers in a serious way.

Comment Re:Yes they can (Score 4, Insightful) 497

This has been predicted since the 90s and has failed to materialize. It has failed to materialize further in the current generation of gaming consoles, which aren't even ahead in terms of hardware to PCs anymore: the chips and processors powering the new generation are approximately mid-level graphics which can be obtained today. Not in the near future - but now.

While what we consider "the PC" may change, it seems pretty apparent that the future is more platform diversity using off-the-shelf components, not less. So long as people still game with a keyboard and mouse, on a machine they might also use for other things, "the PC" as a gaming platform will exist. And with the current trends, it seems likely that PC market-share is only going to increase.

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