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Comment Re:Cue The Applause (Score 1) 100

.....(5) become a billionaire :) I don't think the space elevator is a solid idea though. from my understanding, and please feel free to correct me, to make one you would need something like carbon fiber tubes or wire? i remember reading on ideas on how to make them. it seemed to me the biggest danger was something severing the wire and having it fall back to earth ( or so the article said). have they made any steps in a positive direction or have the launched any new ideas?

Comment Re:Wrist watch is for style, not gadget (Score 1) 466

I dunno.

I keep seeing everyone talking about $9 and $14 watches....what's the deal, is everyone cheap, or broke?!?

A watch is a piece of jewelry you wear every day...functional jewelry, but jewelry just the same. Guys don't generally get to wear as much 'bling' as women, so you need to make what you do wear, count.

If you're not a broke college student...the grow up a bit, and spend a little cash and get something that is NICE, and makes you look more like an adult.

If not just for women (and yes, the DO notice things like watches and shoes) it to look a little professional in your work....that matters too.

Try to dress somewhat sharp, and develop those communication will often take you further than just sheer tech genius alone.

i agree 100%. even though i have my cell there is something to a great watch. i bought my wife a movado SE that always gets complements i think i bought hers for $1200 at the time. i usually wear a fossil although i am now looking at a nice bulova.

Comment really? (Score 1) 92

well first off, that is if they are found guilty. i can sue anyone for anything and we are suppose to be innocent until proven guilty. that being said; I hope they get roasted (if they are guilty). not the $25,000 (?) fine Google got either. if these companies don't get bitch slapped then they will keep doing wrong. i am just kind of mad that more users don't stand up for their rights.I am not a FB person and do not have an account anymore. not to stray off topic to much but it seems like it got to the point where you were obligated to "friend" people even they you may not really want to. on the bright side if they do lose they already know where to mail the checks. They have all their information already :)

Comment Re:Two camps? (Score 1) 287

mod parent up. this is a great question. being a linux programmer i wouldnt want my software being a part of the ones that make deals with M$. i do write for windows if a client askes but that is a contract and money. if i am donating my code it will not go to those that will absorb it then make money off of it. my open source is for the community that i respect; plain and simple.

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