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Comment Re:to and extent.. (Score 1) 263

I'm no expert here but I think the general market embraces FOSS software.

No, the general market embraces software which works for them.

No, the general market uses the software that comes with the computer when they buy it, unless it's really bad (like some disk burning utilities, etc).

The software that comes pre-installed on most systems isn't FOSS due to inside bundling deals, not due to the quality of the software.

Comment Re:From across the pond (Score 1) 321

In formal English, the date has always been written out as "...on Saturday the fourteenth of March, two thousand nine, at three o'clock in the afternoon" (as in an invitation). Note that the year is a parenthetical phrase set off by commas. In less formal writing with the slash abbreviation this becomes "...on Sat 3/14, 2009, at 3:00 pm" which is a form that has been in use in the USA before there was a USA.

Okay... So Saturday the fourteenth of March, two thousand nine contracts to Sat 3/14, 2009? Why exactly did the day and month switch places? I'm not sure how this fits with the rest of your argument...

Comment Re:On linux... (Score 1) 452

Yes, I was saying that hacker was mistaken, and that you had originally used the correct uppercase 'i' option. The lowercase 'i' option for hdparm does report information, but not useful for this situation, so in that sense the double oops applies to hacker's comment.

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