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Comment Re:Sacrificing privacy for games? (Score 1) 336

> I asked you to post your favorite (commonly known) game/sport to play or watch and you failed miserably at it.

Yes, I ignored it 'cause it had nothing to do with the point I was trying to make.

And it looks like I failed to make you understand my point. Not once but twice. Well, that's too bad.

Comment Re:Sacrificing privacy for games? (Score 1) 336

> This is not about game options are in using in game mecanics to get an advantage.
> This is about preventing third party software...

I'm not talking about in game options alone, I'm talking about all the possible things one can do to improve (cheat if you will) your edge.

Everybody can install third party software (be it legal to the game or not), which makes the level playing field argument none-sense.

This is about sacrificing privacy for games, which is a bad thing. Humans will always try to cheat/find the edge, it is in their nature.

Comment Re:Sacrificing privacy for games? (Score 1) 336

> are you serious?

Yes I am serious, actually I'm superserious.

The "level playing field" argument the article talks about is BS. If anybody can use some option (be it morally good or bad!!!) the playing field _is_ level.

So, yes, sacrificing privacy for a so called level playing field is stupendous to say the least.

Submission + - Poor Usability of Slashdot

Spartacus-Austin writes: How about doing a story on the poor usability of Slashdot?

First, if a user has a question who does he/she contact? There is no "Contact Us" on Slashdot.

Second, is it possible to set a view in Slashdot where I do not have to click a hundred times if I want to see every comment in a story? I want to see a "chronological expanded" view. Just show me each comment in full in the order it was entered with multiple pages if there are extensive comments. Doesn't that seem like the simplest and best way to view a discussion?

It seems like the engineers who created Slashdot over engineered the system and totally fracked up the usability in the process.

Submission + - openbsd 4.6 released

pgilman writes: "the release of openbsd 4.6 was announced today. highlights of the new release include a new privilege-separated smtpd, numerous improvements to packet filtering, software RAID, routing daemons, and the tcp stack, a new installer, and lots more too. grab a cd set or download from a mirror, and please support the project (which also brings you openssh and lots of other great free software) if you can."
Red Hat Software

Submission + - RedHat sponsors webcast unaccesible to Linux users 1

ai_ja_nai writes: offers various webcasts on system administration topics. This time, RedHat gifted us with a nice webcast on 'server sprawl'. Too bad that the os required to view the webcast is Windows or Mac (! Clicking on "Test your system", actually, returns you a complaint message about the "unoptimality of your system on webcast viewing". Doh!

Submission + - Are Software Developers Naturally Weird?

jammag writes: Well, c'mon, yes — let's admit it. As a veteran coder discusses as he looks at his career, software development is swelled with the offbeat, the quirky and the downright odd. As he remembers, there was the 'Software Lyrics' guy and the 'Inappropriate Phone Call' programmer, among others. Are unique types drawn to the profession or, are we 'transformed over time by our darkened working environments and exposure to computer screen radiation.'?

Submission + - Mozilla blocks WPF & .NET Framework Add-Ins (

An anonymous reader writes: Mozilla has blocked the Microsoft WPF Plug-In & .NET Framework add-in. Firefox users on Windows will start seeing these blocked completely by the browser as of Saturday.

Submission + - IMMDb Turns 19 (

emeraldd writes: I'd say this is a birthday worth remembering:
"If you load up the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) today, you'll see a new logo commemorating its 19th birthday. Yes, that's really old for the Internet. Google, by comparison, is 11. Meanwhile, Yahoo is 14. IMDb is so old in fact, that is pre-dates the first web browsers."

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