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Palm Kills Community Before It Begins 247

Former Fan of Palm writes to tell us that an enthusiastic, supportive developer community has fallen victim to corporate ineptitude once again. The preDevCamp started as a community-driven effort designed to mirror the iPhoneDevCamp based on the new "Pre" product announced by Palm. Unfortunately, suspicion and legal posturing seems to have gutted the founders of any and all enthusiasm they may have once had. When will corporations realize that community support is the best way to drive success? "As a corporation, I acknowledge that Palm's only responsibility is to its shareholders. There's nothing self serving or evil about that; it's how things work in big business. However there are many keen and willing developers out there, who have been waiting for the arrival of WebOS. A development platform is only a success if it is broadly adopted. Instead of embracing the grassroots upswell of interest in WebOS that preDevCamp fostered, Palm seem to be, at best, oblivious and, at worst, disdainful of the enthusiasm and good will engendered by these folk. I think they are missing a real opportunity to be involved in and to help generate the growth of a vital community."
Data Storage

Nanotube Memory Finally Beats Flash For Speed 86

holy_calamity writes "Although flash memory that stores each bit on a single nanotube has been tinkered with in the lab for years, it has always been much slower than the devices in use today. A Finnish team has now cracked that, demonstrating single bits of nanotube memory that can be written in just 100 nanoseconds. Existing flash memory takes tens of microseconds."

British Police Use Facebook to Gather Evidence 128

Amy Bennett writes "Move over police scanner and most-wanted poster. The Greater Manchester Police force has created a Facebook application to collect leads for investigations. The application delivers a real-time feed of police news and appeals for information. A 'Submit Intelligence' link takes a Facebook user to the police Web site where they can anonymously submit tips. Another link leads to the videos on YouTube featuring information on the police force, ongoing investigations and other advisories." As reader groschke writes, though, "Their access to user data raises significant civil liberties problems. They may be able to see more of your data than your friends or network members can — and you also expose your friends' data when you add the application. All without needing a subpoena or warrant."

FBI and Next-Gen P2P Monitoring 122

AHuxley writes "Can the FBI get funding to create a next-generation network monitoring and database system for P2P networks, web sites, and chat rooms? Could the FBI's Regional Information Sharing Systems (RISS) network be opened to more law enforcement agents across the USA? Will the tracking of p2p users via 'unique serial numbers' generated from a person's computer be expanded from its first use in late 2005? Is your p2p application or plug-in sending back your MAC address, firmware revision, manufacture date, GUID or other details?" Could this story submitter pose any more questions in his submission? Won't someone please think of the ... oh, never mind.
Operating Systems

Submission + - Quebec's RRQ being sued for not considering OSS. (

Quebec writes: "Cyrille Béraud, in charge of Savoir-Faire Linux is suing the Régie des rentes du Québec in the province's highest court. He is contesting the fact that the governement administred office is about to spend 700,000$ to upgrade its workstations to Vista without tenders and without considering alternatives.

The document submitted to the Cour supérieure sustains the fact that Vista is so different from Windows 2000 (the actual operating system in use at the RRQ) that you cannot call it an upgrade but a replacement.

The author of the article is saying that this is a first in North America and that we heard similar stories in Europe."


Man-in-the-Middle Attack on MySpace with Cain 45

Slimjim100 writes "Last year at ChicagoCon 2007, Brian Wilson gave a great talk entitled "Cain & Abel: Windows Can Hack, Too!" Although the presentation and audio recording of the talk can be downloaded from the ChicagoCon site at Library, I had totally forgotten to publish his videos. Just in case things didn't go as planned during the live event or his laptop crapped out on him, Brian made a video of the MITM attack he demonstrated using Cain. You get to see how Myspace and other social networking sites are not designed with security in mind."

Submission + - SPAM: Flash CS3 and Photoshop CS3 running in Wine 2

twickline writes: "It looks as if Wine might be supporting Adobe's Flash CS3 as well as Photoshop CS3 on Linux in the near future. With the recent help from Google to get Photoshop CS and CS2 working properly in Wine a huge chunk of the underlying architecture work was put in place for CS3 application support. There are still a number of bugs that need to be triangled and fixed before CS3 is properly supported but this is great news none the less. Photoshop CS3 in Wine Louis Lenders posted on bug 8945 that he has got Photoshop CS3 running in Wine, here is his post... with screenshots!"
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Swarm Robot Immune System? 47

schliz writes "Researchers are investigating large swarms of up to 10,000 miniature robots which can work together to form a single, artificial life form. A resulting artificial immune system is expected to be able to detect faults and make recommendations to a high-level control system about corrective action — much like how a person's natural immune system is able to cope with unfamiliar pathogens."

Reznor Follows Radiohead, Offers Free Album 327

An anonymous reader writes "Convinced the current music business infrastructure (requiring artists to rely on labels) is broken, Nine Inch Nails front man, Trent Reznor, released his band's new album, Ghosts I — IV (Ghosts Volumes One though Four), on Sunday at 6 PM via his official site, marking yet another business experiment for this artist in the changing music market."

Submission + - SPAM: NICTA technology to quadruple bandwidth on long ha

WirePosted writes: "National ICT Australia (NICTA) has spun out a network monitoring company, Monitoring Division, to commercialise technology that it claims will enable telcos to increase the per wavelength bandwidth on long haul optical fibres from 10Gbps to 40Gbps, by identifying sources of noise and enabling them to improve signal to noise ratios."
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One in Ten Americans Are Chronically Sleep Deprived 329

WirePosted writes "A CDC research study released this past week indicates that the physical and mental health of many Americans is being adversely affected by a lack of sleep. According to the study, a part of the organization's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, one in ten US citizens are consistently failing to get enough sleep every night. Almost 40% of the people surveyed didn't get enough sleep for more than a week every month. The article notes that this trend can have far-ranging implications for health beyond simple fatigue."
The Military

Ask the Air Force Cyber Command General About War in Cyberspace 315

We ran an article about the new Air Force Cyber Command and its recruiting efforts on February 13, 2008. Now Major General William Lord, who is in charge of this effort, has agreed to answer Slashdot users' questions. If you're thinking about joining up -- or just curious -- this is a golden opportunity to learn how our military is changing its command structure and recruiting efforts to deal with "cyberspace as a warfighting domain." Usual Slashdot interview rules apply.

How Open Source Has Influenced Windows Server 2008 145

willdavid writes to tell us that Sam Ramji over at Port25 has a nice succinct list of the major open source principles that have been used while developing Windows Server 2008. "Overall, we've learned and continue to learn from open source development principles. These are making their way into the mindset, development practices, and ultimately into the products we bring to market. I've focused here on 'what Microsoft has learned from Open Source' - and ironically, I've agreed to do a panel at OSBC on 3/25 with Jim Zemlin of the Linux Foundation on 'what Open Source can learn from Microsoft'. As all of the different organizations in IT continue to evolve, we'll learn from each others' best practices and make increasingly better software. As in science, this incremental improvement will move all of us forward."

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