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Comment Re:Take the shit to get the cream (Score 0) 474

I recant this AC's previous statement,

My advice to you is to show your potential. Just sitting there doing the same thing day in day out shows how much of a drone you are. I spent several years working as a support drone myself mainly due to the fact I was lazy and really had no ambition to move up.having a Kid makes you rethink everything. I show them what you can do and at every opportunity apply for those jobs as they come up. Do not sit content until your in the position of your chose or employment of your choosing.
Data Storage

Why a Hard Disk Is a Better Bargain Than an SSD 403

Lucas123 writes "While solid state disks may be all the rage, what's often being overlooked in the current consumer market hype is that fact that hard disk drive prices are at an all-time low — offering users good performance and massive amounts of capacity for 10 to 30 cents a gigabyte. And in a side by side comparison of overall performance of consumer SSDs and HDDs, it's hard to justify spending 10 times as much for a little more speed."

Comment Oppurtunity comes a knockin (Score 0) 468

I look at this as a opportunity for Kindle to sell the idea of using them instead of books. other than Amazon making a bundle on book sales, they would have a kindle in every students hands. Course if they broke the school could sell the student one for a profit.and the family could transfer the books to the new device. All I see with this idea is PROFIT, PROFIT, PROFIT
The Internet

Internet Tax Approved By Louisiana House 305

Stinky Litter Box writes "WWL-TV in New Orleans reports that the Louisiana House voted 81-9 on Thursday to propose that a '15-cent monthly surcharge should be levied on Internet access across Louisiana to fight online criminal activity.' Can you say 'slippery slope?' The good news is that Gov. Jindal opposes such a tax. Full disclosure: I grew up in south Louisiana and worked for WWL-TV in the late '70s."

Protecting the Apollo Landing Sites From Later Landings 339

R3d M3rcury writes "The Lunar X-Prize is a contest offering $20 million to the first private organization to land and maneuver a robotic rover on the moon. There is also a $1 million bonus to anyone who can get a picture of a man-made object on the moon. But one archeologist believes that 'The sites of early lunar landings are of unparalleled significance in the history of humanity, and extraordinary caution should be taken to protect them.' He's concerned that we may end up with rover tracks destroying historic artifacts, such as Neil Armstrong's first bootprint, or that a mistake could send a rocket slamming into a landing site. He calls on the organizers to ban any contestant from landing within 100KM of a prior moon landing site. Now he seems to think this just means Apollo. What about the Luna and Surveyor landers? What about the Lunokhod rovers? Are they fair game?"

Anti-Piracy Dog Uncovers Huge Cache of Discs 283

sgt scrub writes "I've never thought about sniffing my CDs before buying them but that is all about to change. According to this Yahoo! news article, dogs can be trained to tell the difference between a legit copy of a DVD and one from those pesky pirates. From the article, 'A DVD-sniffing anti-piracy dog named Paddy has uncovered a huge cache of 35,000 discs in Malaysian warehouses, many destined for export to Singapore, industry officials said on Wednesday. Paddy was given to Malaysia by the MPA to help close down piracy syndicates, which churn out vast quantities of illegal DVDs. The dog is specially trained to detect chemicals in the discs.'" We ran a story about anti-piracy dogs being trained in Ireland a few years ago.

Arrington's Web Tablet Nearly Ready For Launch? 140

narramissic writes "The 'dead simple and dirt cheap' touchscreen Web tablet that Michael Arrington of TechCrunch set out to build last July seems to be nearing completion, writes blogger Peter Smith. 'The CrunchPad is a Linux-based touchscreen tablet using a browser-based UI. When you turn the unit on, it boots right into the webkit-based browser. There's a pop-up virtual keyboard for entering URLs and such (you wouldn't want to do any significant typing on it) and scrolling is via swiping the screen. When Arrington first visualized the project he was shooting for a $200 price point, then discovered that a $299 price was more realistic.'"

Comment Re:Lame site, and a bizarre video (Score 0) 644

I had to watch for this and spent maybe 3-4 minutes replaying that section of the video just to be safe. While at first glace the guy is doing that particular salute he's just calling for a cab. Still it would make a great 3-4 second spot to throw up on youtube and start calling Microsoft the next nazi goverment.
Who knows maybe you'll be arrested for slander, or protected by freedom of speech. maybe...

Comment Re:Actually the 'fanboy' wrote a nice piece (Score 0) 834

I found the series a few episodes in, I do admit I was lost & intrigued, but I then spent the time to actually start from pilot. From then on I have not missed the show.
The storyline had a core plot, then at last count seven major sub plots. Several of them had been sorted out by the end of the last season opening up another major set of plots.
While I do agree the Terminator franchise had both a positive & negative impact on the show. It could of just been "The Connor Chronicles" and it might of had a chance. But without the Terminator name it also probably did not get it's initial start.
This mostly my opinion and all, I feel that it was the better choice to keep over Dollhouse even if just for another season. This coming from a Whedonite fan on all his projects.
Operating Systems

64-Bit Slackware Is Alive 164

t0mg writes with this news from the top of "from the Slackware64-current changelog: [tap tap tap]... Is this thing on? ;-) Ready or not, Slackware has now gone 64-bit with an official x86_64 port being maintained in-sync with the regular x86 -current branch. DVDs will be available for purchase from the Slackware store when Slackware 13.0 is released. Many thanks go out to the Slackware team for their help with this branch and a special thank you to Eric Hameleers who did the real heavy lifting re-compiling everything for this architecture, testing, re-testing, and staying in-sync with -current. We've been developing and testing Slackware64 for quite a while. Most of the team is already using Slackware64 on their personal machines, and things are working well enough that it is time to let the community check our work. We'd like to thank the unofficial 64 bit projects for taking up the slack for us for so long so that we could take our time getting everything just right. Without those alternatives, we would have been pressured to get things out before they were really ready."

Craigslist Fights Back, Sues SC Atty General 286

FredMastro writes "Craigslist has now stepped past just asking for an apology. The Wall Street Journal and CNet report that Craigslist is fighting back. 'Craigslist said it has sued South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster, in the latest escalation of a battle over adult-oriented ads on the company's site. Jim Buckmaster, Craigslist's chief executive, said in a blog post that the company filed its suit in federal court in South Carolina. ...'" Unfortunately, the WSJ's piece requires a subscription, but reader Locke2005 adds a link to coverage in the San Jose Business Journal.

Comment Re:From TFA (Score 0) 859

Yet I feel this will be sold as a tool for parents to control their children. Sell it with a GPS tracking package. Ability to track your child's driving history. " Is teenage Susan going to Jenny's house or Johnny's. Well now you can know the truth. " I can see the GPs used to track movements as cops are tracking teens via myspace & facebook to find out when & where the local parties are going on.
I see the merit, but when my child can drive I hope that I can place my trust her driving. I have 10 years to find out.

Australia, UK To Test Vehicle Speed-Limiting Devices 859

nemesisrocks writes "The New South Wales government is set to begin testing a device that will limit the speed of drivers because 'excessive speed is one of the primary ways that people are killed while driving.' Located on the dashboard, it senses a driver's speed with the use of GPS. If the speed of a car goes over the posted legal limit, a warning sounds. If the driver ignores the warning, the device eventually cuts all power to the car because a cut-off switch has been installed between the accelerator and the engine." The Times Online reports that the same system will be tested in the UK this summer for use in taxis and buses.

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