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Comment MX518 (Score 1) 246

I've loved the MX series of mice since I first found them, and I will continue to love them, especially the 518 - it's essentially weightless. The buttons are placed perfectly, and it contours to my hand extremely well. It's probably a gamer mouse, but I'd recommend it for everyone.

Comment Re:Awareness that is wrong (Score 1) 619

I am sharing these, now come and try to sue my ISP. He will be having a laugh. Try go after the originating provider and they will tear you a new one.

It is nice to see that what they wanted was to misinform people about their rights.

Do you really think the ISP is going to favor you over the RIAA? Your faith in ISPs (the people against net-neutrality, the people that wish to impose asinine caps (e.g., Australia)) is fairly astounding.

What do you think is easier, potentially being taken to court by the RIAA (or at the very least, bothered by them) or just disabling your connection?

Duke Nukem Forever 'Confirmed' For Late 2008 344

An anonymous reader writes "A Dallas newspaper is claiming that the long-in-development title Duke Nukem Forever is headed for retail release in late 2008. Unfortunately, game creator 3D Realms says that's not exactly what they meant. 'What the modest Texas newspaper actually seems to suggest is that 3D Realms is "on target" to release the mythical sequel sometime this year, though company president Scott Miller adds, "we may miss the mark by a month or two" (wink, wink). Miller also hinted that "hitting the big three" (in this case, PC, Xbox 360 and PS3) is the obvious development strategy, but he continued to stress that 3D Realms has not "formally announced any platforms for DNF."'"
The Internet

The Pirate Bay Tops 10 Million Users 300

An anonymous reader suggests we go over to Slyck for news that The Pirate Bay has cracked 10 million users. The publicity from the upcoming court case probably helped. "Today, The Pirate Bay asserts itself as the self-proclaimed 'World's Largest Tracker' by topping over 10 million peers, while managing over 1 million torrents. Peter Sunde of The Pirate Bay told Slyck, 'We're very happy to be part of all of this and we hope our users keep sharing those files!... And we're looking to break 20 million as well.'"

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