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Comment Re:Must keep running XP (Score 1) 423

If it was me, my plan for the future would be to never again buy equipment that requires a closed source operating system to run, or even never buy equipment that requires a computer, stick with analog or mechanical devices.

Why bother with mechanical devices when there are draft animals and ethnic slave labour available?

Comment Re:Hey (Score 5, Interesting) 80

Sorry for the threadjack, but this is yet another case of horrible security reporting.

From watching the video, what it seems happened here was that eBay chose phpBB for their community forum, but did not integrate its authentication system directly with eBay's on the server side. Instead, the site was set-up as a standalone system, and whoever implemented the integration had the bright idea of hardcoding the forum password for everyone as username+123456, and then just having the eBay login page issue a hidden POST request behind the scenes to authenticate users to the community forum section.

Thus, this allows anyone to trivially impersonate anyone else on the forum. It shouldn't have anything to do with the rest of the site, though. Nor does this have anything to do with initial passwords, salts, or any of the other terms that have been thrown around.

A case of absolutely retarded login integration for the community site, but not something that would allow people to take over others' main eBay account. What this says about the people running eBay is another matter entirely...

Comment Re:Two words (Score 1) 323

Are not going to get exploited on your private network unless your hacking it yourself.

If someone can get to your Apple TV to hack it, you've already fucked up to the point hat you're probably fully infected with viruses in the first place across your entire network.

Surely the same logic applies to the XMBC home theatre controller built on that old PC that was gathering dust in the closet. The advantage to rolling your own is that you *can* actually fix things yourself as opposed to waiting for updates from Apple.

Comment Re:Business as usual. (Score 1) 323

Watching something once? Who does that? I've lost count of how many times I've watched Star Wars, Aliens, Galaxy Quest, Mystery Men, Enchanted, It's a Wonderful Life, Arsenic and Old Lace, The Maltese Falcon, Sink the Bismark, The Great Escape, A Bridge Too Far, Mean Girls, Finding Nemo, and dozens of others.
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Journal Journal: A Pleasant Vacation 2

I'd planned on traveling to Cincinnati last Monday to visit my daughter and came down with the flu. I called Patty and told her it would be the next Monday; she works full time and is a full time student at Cincinnati State, and Monday is the only day she has off.

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