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Journal Journal: A Pleasant Vacation 2

I'd planned on traveling to Cincinnati last Monday to visit my daughter and came down with the flu. I called Patty and told her it would be the next Monday; she works full time and is a full time student at Cincinnati State, and Monday is the only day she has off.

Comment Re:Physical access? (Score 1) 150

I'd think that if you had physical access to the USB port, you would also have physical access to the cash itself and could just take it.

I think that that would be a poor design. One box for the hardware (you don't need armoured car knuckle draggers messing with the electronics), and one box containing the cash (You don't need the maintenance nerds walking away with pocketsfuls of crisp new bills). Both of those would be inside a box that locks out the general public. Actually, I'd probably put the cash inside a box inside the cash portion of the machine, so the armoured car folks are not dealing with cash, but with locked boxes that they cannot open. They pull out the empty box, and load in the full one, much like replacing a toner cartridge. Actually, the electronics should be done the same way: a one piece, factory sealed, replaceable module.

Comment Re:Dialup? Windows 95? (Score 1) 126

Again, IANAL, but this seems to be a description of something that might well have been a new idea in 1996. I dunno. The obviousness test is an interesting one, and I still can't figure why they can go after media producers, when the patent sounds like it would result in Apple, Sony and the software/device people infringing.

My guess would be that this is multifaceted. The 1996 patent is due to expire in 2016, so by delaying to enforce it until now they will have more fish to fry. Also, by going after the smaller infringers, they build both a precedent for inforcement, and a fund for pursuing larger infringers. If you're going to go after Apple, Sony etc, then you're going to need good backing both from a precedent and from a financial point of view.

Comment Dialup? Windows 95? (Score 4, Informative) 126

The patent specifies a dialup connection to the internet using a SLIP/PPP connection:

The facilities provided by the operating system, such as Windows 95, typically includes multimedia support, as noted above, as well as a standard WINSOCK TCP/IP stack and modem dial up driver software to support a SLIPP/PPP Internet connection, as next discussed.

To effect these file transfers, the modem 115 is connected via conventional dial up telephone SLIP or PPP TCP/IP series data communication link 117 to an Internet service provider...

How about this bit:

At a time determined by player 103 monitoring the time of day clock 106, a dial up connection is established via the service provider 121 and the Interent to the FTP server 125 and the download compiliation 145 is transferred to the program data store 107 in the player 103.

So, how much of this patent applies if I'm using linux over a full time cable internet connection to access Sheldon Cooper's latest Fun with Flags podcast?

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