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Comment Re:old, really old, news (Score 2) 586

If not, the ideal thing to do would be for the bomb to "self-destruct" without detonating; by injecting chemicals causing the nuclear material to be rendered useless to any adversary, and permanently locking out the detonator assembly.

Sorry, real life doesn't work like that. Chemicals won't stop a nuclear reaction unless the chemicals target the explosive that triggers the fission explosion that triggers the fusion explosion. If it doesn't go off, the enemy has their own new bomb. And the electronics are trivial.

Comment Re:old, really old, news (Score 1) 586

a simple switch on a nuclear bomb failed as it fell to earth, rendering it inoperable. doesn't inspire much confidence for when it is used in war.

We had thousands of them, in B-52s, silos, submarines. So did the soviets. One or two duds wouldn't have saved civilization.

In the alternate universe where the US and USSR had thermonuclear war, most of you would never have been born. Possible nobody would be alive today.

Comment Re:A little drastic but... (Score 4, Insightful) 586

You guys are all laughing about this, But when I was in the USAF I was stationed at Beale, Armageddon Air Force Base. They had more B-52s loaded full of bombs ready to carpet-nuke Russia than you could count. Hundreds of B-52s with dozens or maybe even hundreds of H-bombs each, ready to rain nuclear hell on the commies.

I was 9 in 1961, most of you weren't even born. Many of you wouldn't have been if that thing would have gone off. Laugh about that.

I saw a lot of scary shit in the Air Force, and that was forty years ago. I can't imagine the shit they have now, when I was in the AF a computer took a whole building. Go ahead and laugh, we have more than global warming and asteroids to worry about.

Human error could cause our extinction. Laugh away, guys.

Comment Re:Really Enjoyable. (Score 1) 3

Indeed, and thank you. This is, of course, just the first crude draft; I just sit down and start typing and let my fingers do the walking. I edit later, a lot of times I'm wasted when I write these. Observations like this is a damned good reason to post these to slashdot. You'll like the finished version better than you like this partly because of what you communicated.

I'm Johnny Five. NEED FEEDBACK!

Just like Nobots there will be a lot more verbiage and character development in the final version. I'm buying a dozen ISBNs next week, as soon as I get Nobots in print I'm going to post its chapters on slashdot a chapter a day unless I get lazy.

Comment Re:Impractical? (Score 1) 347

For bits, yes. For atoms, it's been much easier, because of the resources needed to duplicate intellectual property that is embodied in actual matter. But with 3D printing, atoms are becoming more like bits.

Okay, but to have that kind of control, you'd have to become a monopoly supplier of nylon, or polycarbonate, or silicon, or whatever material makes up the design. The design itself is just a cad/cam file, easily copied.

Comment Re:Let's be clear (Score 2) 278

For all the same reasons Linux has trouble breaking into the desktop, Microsoft is having trouble breaking into phones. People are increasingly seeing their phone purchase as a choice between iPhone and Android, seeing one as the default and the other as the alternative, and people generally aren't looking for a second alternative.

With the desktop, you really did have two choices: buy a Windows PC or a Mac.

If Microsoft wants to succeed, it's not enough to be "as good". They have to be significantly better in ways that people care about

Exactly. And not only that, people have to be aware that it exists and exactly HOW it's vastly superior, and so far afaik Windows Phone brings nothing but Microsoft's reputation for bugginess to the table. If it's superior to the other two in any way, their advertising sure doesn't show it.

Ever see a commercial for Linux on TV? Nobody's even heard of it and have no idea their Android phone runs it, let alone knows that it has more features and better ease of use. Every non-nerd I know talks about "that damned computer" when the computer's not the problem, the OS is.

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