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Comment Re:Have they tested it? (Score 1) 153

And how did they calculate their failure rate? ie "8 out of 10 divers managed to swim unharmed through a pack of sharks..."

So you take the two that do get attacked, and dress one in the special suit, then send them both out. The suit that comes back is the winner.

Comment Re:Lobbyists will take it down (Score 2) 106

Huh?? Where do you see the slightest indication of that? If you're referring to Obama saying Travon Martin could have been him thirty years ago that was a perfectly apt statement that we whites should think deeply about.

Secondly, even if your absurd statement were true, the administration doesn't write the laws, Congress does.

Comment Florida (Score 1) 19

It's been thirty years since I lived there, but strangely I saw little racism among its residents but a whole lot in the cops. I got pulled over once for having a black passenger. If you there is more than one race in the car they automatically suspect drugs.

From the article it looks like the proper charge would have been child endangerment; firing a gun in the direction of a child is pretty damned serious if you ask me. She should have put the slug either in the ceiling or his leg.

Submission + - Rethinking the wetsuit (

symbolset writes: Apparently Australians have come up with the brilliant idea that if you don't want to be eaten by a shark it's best to not go swimming in shark infested waters in a seal costume.

Submission + - Muon neutrino to electron neutrino oscillation conclusively shown

Chris Greenley writes: The T2K long baseline neutrino experiment in Japan has just announced conclusive evidence for electron to muon neutrino oscillation at the 7.5 sigma level. (The level needed for discovery is 5 sigma.) This experiment generates a focused beam of electron neutrinos using an accelerating in the J-PARC facility north of Tokyo which is aimed at the massive Super-Kamiokande detector 295 KM (185 miles) away near the west coast of Japan.

This T2K observation is the first of its kind in that an explicit appearance of a unique flavor of neutrino at a detection point is unequivocally observed from a different flavor of neutrino at its production point.

This result clears the way for CP-violation neutrino studies which could show that "regular" neutrinos act differently than their antimatter counterparts, a phenomenon that so far has only been observed in quarks. If neutrino CP-violation is found, it could explain why there is such a large predominance of matter over antimatter in the universe.

Submission + - Some 13 years after the DeCSS case, Congressional IT endorses VLC (

robp writes: After a link to VLC showed up in one of HBO's DMCA takedown requests, I recalled how often I've linked to VLC in my own copy, and how often I've seen that app noted across traditional-media outlets--even though you could make the same arguments against linking to it that Judge Kaplan bought in 2000. Now, though, even the House's own IT department not only links to this CSS-circumventing app but endorses it. Question is, what led to this enlightenment?

Comment Re:Short Experiment (Rowling's) (Score 2) 128

I don't really like the way that Rowling is held up as an example of a rags to riches success against the odds. According to Wikipedia she completed her university education and gained a degree in French and Classics. She then travelled the world a bit, got married, had a kid and then got divorced. When she returned to the UK, she moved into a flat and had all of her bills paid by the state. She then lived the (expensive) coffee shop lifestyle while she was writing her book. At one point, she received a massive grant from an arts council.

It was cushy. I wish I'd had it as hard her when I was struggling to get my first bit of paid writing work.

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