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Comment Re:Dr. Evil working in Redmond? (Score 1) 245

How do you explain something like this?

Hundreds or thousands of engineers working on something and a technically unimportant piece slipping through the cracks?

Would you think with all the people Microsoft has in their employ they would assign the duty of EU Compliance Checklist Monitor to someone?

I would expect it to be a lawyer who's not embedded in the engineering department and didn't see the need or even realize the potential of checking a service pack. Taking into account that this probably isn't their primary version of windows, and it seems pretty easy for this to legitimately slip through the cracks.

Comment Re:Distinguishing conflict from disagreement (Score 1, Insightful) 1152

I agree with that, but many of his quotes are insulting, not disagreements. First of all, he paints all religions with the same brush. Some religions actively encourage scientific inquiry, some religions tell you to question your faith, and some discourage inquiry and questions. Taking them all the same is insulting, and saying that religion is actively damaging to the world is insulting as well.

Dawkins is a smart man, but I think he actively damages relations between atheists and theists. I have a sister who would be atheist but she doesn't want to be associated with people like that. I know many other people who are atheist, but don't take on the label because of how antagonistic atheists like Dawkins are.

Comment Re:Bigger not better (Score 1) 275

From the article I read elsewhere, the Motorola purchase is what caused the drop in profit. If it weren't for that purchase they would have been more profitable, although still not as profitable as wall street had forecasted. So, while the purchase itself might cause some concern, the numbers alone shouldn't.

Now, as to whether the purchase of Motorola is a sign that Google's on the decline is an interesting question.

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