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Comment Holy Entropy (Score 2, Interesting) 92

It lets heat go in one direction only! That the biggest change in Thermodynamical Law since Claude Shannon. Now convert it a transistor, and with a maxwell daemon, (Quantum Weak Measurement, + Quantum Computer, + Classical Prediction Logic) and we have (possibly) a free entropy device, capable of turning waste (heat) energy back to useful energy.


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Comment First Job (Score 1) 848

My Boss wanted all intellectual property i produced, including in my own hours. Needless to say I didn't sign that document, jobs weren't that hard to come by I those days. As a plus, I got work at home and flextime for a fixed renumeration. Miss those days.


I haven't got a webpage on working to rule. But James Salt spamed me tonight.

Comment Re:No they can't (Score 1) 210

Thats incorrect, physicist know that there must have been some like the Higgs below 1TeV, and the LHC runs at 7 TeV, soon to be 14 GeV. Even with those 7 TeV divided into 3, (its the quarks that interact not the whole proton, actual its 3+3*(1+1/alpha_strong+1/apha_strong^2...Higher terms), because of the gluons in the proton). But the interaction energy is about 2 TeV per quark, so the LHC can look for a Higgs all the way to 2 Tev, evidential 4 TeV.


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Comment Re:Meat and caveman psych (Score 1) 254

Mod that up, that would be my first guess for the social anthropology of it. Now if you bothered to get some real data, and not fake data just to match your prejudices you'd be a real scientist. Actually its a tough art just to remove the subconscious prejudices that led you to look for answers that match your own theory. But deliberate faking unforgivable.


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Comment Re:Why can't the US just give them a bad Concorde? (Score 1) 185

Er, because Concorde was made by the British and French, the word Concorde being french for treaty. As a brit I not that proud of Concorde (better than a DeLoren though), seeing as it was never profitable and its one crash ground the whole fleet for good. But a plane far in advance of it time it was.


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Comment Re:FTL neutrino: consistent with SN 1987a observat (Score 1) 98

Sure, see ArVix: 1190.5917v2, but its,

Standard particles E = mc^2 /sqrt( 1- v^2/c^2), a tachyon has v>c, and an imaginary mass, m = sqrt(-1) * m(tachyonic), so we get:

E = m(tachyonic) c^2 / sqrt( v^2/c^2 -1 )

So, m ~ sqrt (2 (v-c)/c ) * E

E was around 20-40 GeV (Same speed was measured for all velocities, which doesn't look like a tachyon, in particular doesn't fit with the tachyon equation above).

And (v-c)/c ~ 2.5 *10^-5

That Gives m = 120 Mev, (or in the paper with error bounds, m~ (110 to 130) MeV

Comment Re:FTL neutrino: consistent with SN 1987a observat (Score 1) 98

The tachyonic mass needed for to get the OPERA result, is easily calculated and its root minus one time 120 MeV, which is impossible as the weak decays show the masses of even the tau neutrinos to be less than a KeV, and the others less than 1eV. So tachyonic neutrinos are definitely not consistent with both OPERA ad SN1987a.


Alternative neutrino speed theory

Comment Re:the top 1000 search terms (Score 1) 133

That really a lot of internet marketers and SEO specialists having to change there jobs completely. Marketers will no longer to owning the top buzzwords, and people creating for hobbies, work or leisure will get nearer the top of the pile. Should be good for readers, and might lead to more advertising spending and link gaming. So sound good to me.

Comment The named papers wrong (Score 1) 226

Sorry, but the suggesting that CERN and OPERA clocks are the GPS satellites and adjusting for there speed is just wrong. CERN and OPERA used GPS for accurate geophysics and timing measurement but have they own synchronized clocks in the earths frame. The fasting than light measurement isn't going to go away that easily.

My personnel solution is that neutrinos feel a fifth force (many at low energy), and this fifth force as left a enough binding energy for the Scarnhorst effect to increase the speed of there force carrier above the speed of light. see axitronics for details.

Comment Re:The one the drove me nut was, (Score 1) 449

Yeah Seriously. They Blow up a star, using a plot device star blowing up bomb. Which I don't mind at all in fiction, SF wouldn't function without Uber gadgets. The point is the rest of the physics needn't be false as well. And since its one of those text book example, any SF film of Show that bothered to check its science would have got it right.

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