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Comment Won't be easy to build chip with (Score 1) 57

Lithographically etching silicon is something we have lot of experience with but build molecules to order to build a chip is something we don't have any infrastructure to do. Eric Dexler famously imagined nanotechnological robots to be build at the molecular scale. And once we have such robot we can use them to build molecular chips or more robots, but without such scifi-esce technology its not obvious how we could build molecular computer chips.


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Comment How many useful bacteria there? (Score 1) 260

While most of the bacteria are harmless and some help us by using up all the resource a more virulent bacteria might use. I wonder if there are any useful bacteria, maybe even some essential ones. I except soon enough will be drinking genetically engineered probiotics containing bacteria specially designed for specific medical tasks. Its far safer and easier to engineer a bacteria than it is to change the human DNA, and if these bacteria can safely do there job in our skin or guts, why risk modifying human DNA.


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Comment Been Coloing for awhile (Score 1) 539

and not once have the hosting company asked for a password or tried to access the machine. You might want to change providers. While its easy to set up remote access to a machine. Blocking off access from the main keyboard and screen, might not be a good idea, and you're regret it if there's a problem with the networking system.


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Comment Safe Alcohol wouldn't get licensed (Score 2, Informative) 273

The politics of the world is such that if a drug that mimics alcohol except for all its bad point was produced, it wouldn't be legalised, it would just be lumped in with all the illegal recreation drugs, governments don't have a set safety limit for recreational drug, they are normally against them on principle, however safe they are.

But its also a concern that if synthehol was produced, how would we know if it was safe of not, it would take usage by milliions over they adult lifetime, before we genuinely know weather the chemical was safe.

But good luck to Prof, Knut, who will probably have some very wild parties testing outs his candiate benzodiazepines.


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Comment Not much power generated (Score 1) 214

If you read the paper, they get between 7 and 30 microwatts per square centimeter of body, thats a tiny ammount, thats not going to power your laptop, and it isn't going to get much better. The human body is only slightly hotter than the room its in, say 38 Celius versus 20. That leads to a tiny Carnot efficenty which is the best physics allows, then you need to factor in that thermocouples and thermoelectric generators are only a few percent efficient, so you end up with a tiny ammount of power generated, it might run a very efficient wrist watch but nothing more.


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Comment Still years until we jack-in to computers (Score 1) 262

8 characters per second, and thats once the user are trained and adjusted to the equipment. It this point it might just be useful for the totally disabled, e.g. Stephen Hawking, but for everybody else these no point. Having demostrated that its possible to interact with a computer via brainwaves, i wonder how much more it will take to produce a userable high speed connection, perphaps it can only be down with new-borns or the very young if the brain need to grow into the interface.


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Comment Thanks, clearer how it works now (Score 2, Informative) 139

I'd wondered from the first article, how can a bacteria grow and reproduce at the same time as dissolving. It doesn't of course, they need to add a trace of nickel to start the cells dissolving and releasing there fats. All very good. But 2 more years of research before it even gets close to testing for commercial purposes. Shame we can't get this sort of research done quicker, cheap energy is always something we need, I wonder what the final price and conversion efficiency will be?


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Comment This has taken too long (Score 2) 160

Is it just my memory, or is this over five years on one upgrade. An upgrade with too many changes, apocapses, and major changes in grammer and usage. I'm getting old, and don't really want to relearn my languages just to stay put. So keep on delaying perl 6, and i can safely use perl 5 for the rest of my life.


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Comment Re:Crap (Score 1) 89

Hopefully an international treaty which would let any government police sea traffic for speed will never happen. Meantime the space antenna can help prevent collisions by setting a sea traffic control, with an early warning system for ships that get to close, it needn't be that quick, oil tankers and stopped times of the order an hour!


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Comment Re:It's been proved impossible using negative ior (Score 2, Insightful) 201

That wouldn't prove cloaking impossible, it would require that a cloaking screen be powered in some way so that the dissipation of energy from the power source makes up for the extra entropy gained by the refracted light. Marl's proof can't apply that negative refraction is impossible for all frequencies, because we've have experimentally seen negative refraction at specific frequencies, including optical frequencies. What he disproved must a unpowered clock that operates over all frequencies at the same time.

When it comes to use electrons to see cloaked items, there is science fiction and computer game presidence. In Alien vs Predator, the switching to Electric vision, the Alien can easily see a cloaked Predator.


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