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Comment Re:Wait... what? (Score 1) 140

I actually didn't mean private in a "security through obscurity" sense, I meant in the private sector. It just seemed that in modern times, the United States government wouldn't want to give anything to the community in terms of improving security for individuals. (These were just the thoughts at the time, I can see why now... just thought I'd throw it out there)

Comment Wait... what? (Score 2) 140

Why would they release this? Don't get me wrong, I, personally, am all for donating to the community and further advancing technology as a species; however, why would the NSA deliver something to the public that would, in the long run, possibly make life harder on themselves by possibly furthering the advances of private encryption? I'm not trying to play Devil's Advocate, I just genuinely don't understand why they would (possibly) make life harder for themselves.

Comment Only English available? (Score 5, Interesting) 90

They say that it has been translated into 7 languages in TFA, however, they provide an HTML link for the Deutsch version. Why are they not available on the installer? What good does a license do if it's not available to be viewed at install time? And if it's not available on the installer, then the time that someone took to translate that license into another language was for nothing.

Comment Re:Code by Charles Petzold (Score 1) 517

I second this motion! I also bought the book Code (I won't lie, the fancy cover made me look), and it ended up being one of the best books I've read on the subject. It covers many topics, but for those who may need a little help being introduced to the subject, this book will definitely help to peak their interest. Although, it covers many aspects, it will help to introduce someone who may be interested in programming, but maybe has trouble grasping the idea of binary or trouble thinking like a programmer when debugging a program.

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