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Comment 22 year solar cycle linked to droughts (Score 1) 87

NASA SP-426, "Sun, Weather, and Climate, 1978m John R. Herman and Richard A. Goldberg, republished 1985 by Dover Publications, Inc. Section 3.2 talks about correlations with the 22 year Hale Solar Cycle (the 11 year cycles have alternate polarity). Rainfall and drought are the first two mentioned..... not exactly the solar storm, but still the sun

Comment Re:No, it's the stupidest tech startup (Score 1) 148

No way, no how. The Feds are more like Dilbert's "Mordac", preventers of information technology. In addition to no-bid fraud, waste, and abuse on the read-only, non-transactional "transparency" web site, add in the reaping of email addresses at whitehouse.gov (a practice carried over from the Obama campaign web sites, by the way, with no effective way to get off the list through the web site).

Comment At least get paid well..... (Score 1) 352

If you're a U.S. citizen, try try the Navy or Air Force as a commissioned officer. Lots of technical jobs, and the only coding they'll let you do is on your own time. If you're really gung-ho, add the Army and Marine Corps to your list. They're hiring.... And there is life (and work) after the service. Been there, done that....

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