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The first rule of old books is never throw them out. The day after discard is the day you will desperately need that book (which will be out of print and unavailable even in rare book stores). The second reason to keep old books is because they're like old friends. Once in awhile you run your hands across the backs of them and remember why you bought it and all the memories associated with it. Nah, don't junk them, If you absolutely must get rid of them give them away as presents. Disclaimer: I have book caches in three states.
The Internet

FCC Commissioner Urges, Don't Regulate the Internet 343

Brett Glass writes "In an op-ed in today's Washington Post, FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell makes a case against government regulation of the Internet, opining that 'engineers, not politicians or bureaucrats, should solve engineering problems.' With state governments pressuring ISPs to pull the plug on Usenet, and a proposal now in play for a censored public Internet, McDowell may have a very good point." McDowell is one of the two FCC commissioners who did not vote with the majority to punish Comcast for their BitTorrent throttling.

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Welcome home! It took a lot of years after my tour of beautiful SE Asia till I could deal with fireworks, or slamming doors, or cars backfiring.... but eventually it does get better. Hang in there and don't let the bastards get to you. Do what you need to and eventually things will get better. Once again, welcome home. PS Feel free to privately email me if you wish.

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