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Submission + - Facebook Prepares for release of iPad App (

An anonymous reader writes: News is spreading quickly around the web that Facebook is preparing to release an official iPad app.

According to the New York Times, unnamed sources have reported that Facebook will be releasing the iPad app in coming weeks. The new app will be free for users and has been crafted to work specially with the iPad.

The release of the iPad app is significantly delayed compared with the release of the iPhone Facebook app. The iPhone version was available upon the opening of the Apple App Store back in 2008.

The app will reportedly allow users to snap pictures using the iPad’s camera. Facebook users will also be able to upload pictures and videos directly from the tablet device. The same report also noted that the production of the iPad Facebook app has taken about a year. The app is now apparently in its final testing stages before the major release.

The new app could certainly benefit both Facebook and Apple. Facebook recently announced that the social network is nearing 700 million global users. A propitious Facebook app for the iPad could sway customers from purchasing Google’s Android tablets. The new iPad app could benefit Facebook by increasing user interaction on the social network. Apple announced earlier this month that the company had reached a new milestone with 25 million iPads sold.

Increased pageviews on Facebook would fundamentally amplify the social networks revenue through advertisements.

There are reportedly plans to improve Facebook’s normal web-browsing functionality on the iPad. The improvement are not meant to directly compete with the new app, but rather to improve user-experience all around.


Submission + - Online poker legalization bill coming next week (

GovTechGuy writes: Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas) could introduce his bill to legalize online poker as soon as next week. The bill would legalize the game in all 50 states but sites could only be set up in states where gambling is already legal, so they can be licensed through existing gaming commissions. States could choose to opt-out of the law and ban online poker by referendum or a vote of the state legislature. The bill would also create a federal regulatory body to oversee the game.

Submission + - After 7 years, MyDoom worm is still spreading (

An anonymous reader writes: Researchers at Sophos have revealed that the MyDoom worm, which spread via email and launched denial-of-service attacks against websites belonging to SCO and Microsoft, is still spreading on the internet after more than 7 years in existence.

The firm suggests tongue-in-cheek, that it would be nice if computer users updated their anti-virus software /at least/ once every 5 years to combat the malware threat.

Submission + - Microsoft, Google, Twitter debate HTML5 (

jbrodkin writes: "The annual USENIX conference featured an all-star lineup of engineers from Microsoft, Google, Twitter and Flipboard debating whether HTML5 is the "holy grail" for building next-generation Web applications, and whether mobile developers should build websites or apps. The promise of HTML5 is "write once, run everywhere," but the panelists did not agree on whether the technology is good enough to make browser applications feel "native." There was general agreement that HTML5 is lacking on mobile devices, and that for better or worse the move toward apps instead of websites is being driven less by technology than the imperative to make money."

Submission + - IBM Did Not Invent the Personal Computer

theodp writes: As IBM gives itself a self-congratulatory pat on the back as it celebrates its 100th anniversary, Robert X. Cringely wants to set the record straight: 'IBM didn't invent the personal computer', writes Cringely, 'but they don't know that.' Claiming to have done so, he adds, soils the legacy of Ed Roberts and pisses off all real geeks in the process. Throwing Big Blue a bone, Cringely is willing to give IBM credit for 'having helped automate the Third Reich'.

Comment confessions of a former agoraphobic (Score 1) 347

I still suffer from anxiety issues. It will always be with me. In a sick twist of fate I got into IT in a round about way. At 16 I became a complete and total agoraphobic.. couldn't leave the driveway or I'd get severe chest pains, pins and needles from head to toe, I really thought I was dying of a heart attack. I spent the next three years bottled up inside as a recluse and did the best I could with my time.. read and learned, programmed, unix.. linux.. it was all I had. I eventually learned to function and go out like anyone else. 17 years later and I am living in the third largest city in North America, I take trains. I fly for business and pleasure. I still have anxiety issues though. I carry some prescription xanax in the event of a bad one but usually I go down the street and have a beer at the pub which makes everything quite alright. The last thing I worry about is messing something up at work. If I worried about that I would not be able to do an effective job.

Comment Been there, done that (Score 1) 486

I worked at an ISP in the midwest and we started doing this as early as late 2001/early 2002. Yes, customers were pissed and we lost some because of it. But as a result we saved alot more time and money then having to deal with abuse complaints, FBI subpoenas, saturated networks, etc. It is not the ISP's responsibility to protect the customer but it is their responsibility to protect their network. 'If you don't like you can blow me' should be the attitude of the network administrator.

Submission + - Japanese Machine Converts Plastic To Oil ( 2

Nick writes: "Rather than burning the plastic using flame, which generates CO2, the machine uses a temperature-controlled electric heater to convert plastic into crude gas, which can then be used to power gas-based household appliances like stoves, boilers and generators or, if refined, can even be pumped into a car or motorcycle. Small yet highly efficient, the machine produces nearly one liter of oil – gasoline, diesel or kerosine – from every kilogram of plastic, requiring only 1 kilowatt of electricity for the conversion.

A five minute YouTube demonstrates the process"


Submission + - How Much Would You Pay For Your Identity? ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Being negligent of your personal data can cost you quite a bit when you have to restore your identity. But what about the other end? What if you wanted to buy identities? How much does that cost? You can get credit cards in lots of ten for less than $3000. A driver's license for $650. Passports can be had for under $1000. Scary stuff and a good reminder to be careful what data you give out to whom.

Submission + - Google bans Android spy app, developer cries foul (

Paul-Threatpost writes: Malware may be difficult to define but, as former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart famously quipped about pornography, "you know it when you see it." At least that's the position being taken by Google and anti malware firms about two applications designed for mobile phones running Google's Android operating system. Now the developer is crying foul.

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