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Comment confessions of a former agoraphobic (Score 1) 347

I still suffer from anxiety issues. It will always be with me. In a sick twist of fate I got into IT in a round about way. At 16 I became a complete and total agoraphobic.. couldn't leave the driveway or I'd get severe chest pains, pins and needles from head to toe, I really thought I was dying of a heart attack. I spent the next three years bottled up inside as a recluse and did the best I could with my time.. read and learned, programmed, unix.. linux.. it was all I had. I eventually learned to function and go out like anyone else. 17 years later and I am living in the third largest city in North America, I take trains. I fly for business and pleasure. I still have anxiety issues though. I carry some prescription xanax in the event of a bad one but usually I go down the street and have a beer at the pub which makes everything quite alright. The last thing I worry about is messing something up at work. If I worried about that I would not be able to do an effective job.

Comment Been there, done that (Score 1) 486

I worked at an ISP in the midwest and we started doing this as early as late 2001/early 2002. Yes, customers were pissed and we lost some because of it. But as a result we saved alot more time and money then having to deal with abuse complaints, FBI subpoenas, saturated networks, etc. It is not the ISP's responsibility to protect the customer but it is their responsibility to protect their network. 'If you don't like you can blow me' should be the attitude of the network administrator.

Submission + - Japanese Machine Converts Plastic To Oil (bigthink.com) 2

Nick writes: "Rather than burning the plastic using flame, which generates CO2, the machine uses a temperature-controlled electric heater to convert plastic into crude gas, which can then be used to power gas-based household appliances like stoves, boilers and generators or, if refined, can even be pumped into a car or motorcycle. Small yet highly efficient, the machine produces nearly one liter of oil – gasoline, diesel or kerosine – from every kilogram of plastic, requiring only 1 kilowatt of electricity for the conversion.

A five minute YouTube demonstrates the process"


Submission + - How Much Would You Pay For Your Identity? (conceivablytech.com) 1

An anonymous reader writes: Being negligent of your personal data can cost you quite a bit when you have to restore your identity. But what about the other end? What if you wanted to buy identities? How much does that cost? You can get credit cards in lots of ten for less than $3000. A driver's license for $650. Passports can be had for under $1000. Scary stuff and a good reminder to be careful what data you give out to whom.

Submission + - Google bans Android spy app, developer cries foul (threatpost.com)

Paul-Threatpost writes: Malware may be difficult to define but, as former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart famously quipped about pornography, "you know it when you see it." At least that's the position being taken by Google and anti malware firms about two applications designed for mobile phones running Google's Android operating system. Now the developer is crying foul.

Submission + - Implications of Facebook Places (computerworld.com)

Lucas123 writes: Facebook Places' ability to peg your every location at the moment you're there could have some serious implications both socially and legally for us in the future. Mitch Betts offers a snippet of some of the conversations that may take place as a result of this new feature. 'Considering all the constituencies you have on Facebook — bosses, work colleagues, clergy, business contacts, family, friends and pseudo-friends — you'll have to think VERY carefully about which locations you reveal. A location that makes perfect sense to your closest friends might not look so good to others.'

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