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Comment Re:Autonomous safety (Score 1) 287

Citation needed. Specifically, exactly where did this "million miles of driving" with no human intervention occur?

Navigating the traffic I just drove through, which included a construction zone with flagmen, police, and multiple unmarked lane shifts, would be classified as a hard AI problem. If the Google cars can handle that without human assistance, then I'm genuinely blown away.

Comment Re:Autonomous safety (Score 1) 287

Agreed. There is simply no way that autonomous cars can safely be used on the same roads as human-operated ones. It just isn't going to happen. You might as well try to mix human-driven cars with 60 MPH horses.

A lot of interesting technical feats are about to become practical, but not implementable due to human factors. We'll have to eliminate human drivers at some point, whether we like it or not.

Comment Re:betteridge's law of headline (Score 1) 466

I'm sorry...the car is hideous. Let me make it a little more clear: it's like a decade old Kia body with a 90s Chrysler roof-line and an 80s Maserati front-end glued on. Its styling is anachronistic--it looks like it was designed awhile ago and took a long time to come to market.

Sober up, then post.

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