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Comment Obligatory (Score 1) 451

In the frozen land of Nador, they were forced to eat Robin's minstrels [poster's note: EWWww]... and there was much rejoicing. A year passed. Winter changed into spring; Spring changed into summer; Summer changed back into winter; And winter gave spring and summer a miss and went straight on into autumn. Until one day.

Comment Re:That shit is fucked up. (Score 1) 22

Wait, what??? If this kind of behaviour is unacceptable, Im not going to be having kids. I thought the whole point of spawning was to laugh at them. I'm pretty sure that's why my parents did it...
But seriously, this is a father spending some good quality, chemically altered time with his boy.You just dont see enough of that these days.

Comment Re:Wow! Who ever would have guessed that!? (Score 1) 693

Read TFA before writing something like this.


Paul pointed out a few technicalities of the law, just like slashdotters love pointing out technicalities of computers etc.

Using a "get out of jail free" technical defense means that you got put in jail in the first place; even if you are not sent to prison, you can be charged, arraigned, harassed, etc based on evidence that will never meet "shadow of a doubt" standards.

Comment Solution. (Score 1) 897

The main argument of TFA is that FF3's warning about self signed certs is egregious.

There is not an issue about warning users; users need to be warned.

What is needed is individual warnings in a drop-down bar for individual problems with certificate issues:

*(picture of green 1's and 0's alongside a red face with a line through it) This certificate is self signed; It may not be trustworthy for identification purposes, you should only trust it for data encryption purposes.

*(picture of a green face alongside a red clock with a line through it) This certificate is out of date; it expired YYYY MM DD HH MM SS ago.

*Trusted case: (picture of a green face) This certificate identifies as trusted by Your data is encrypted.

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