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Comment And tomorrow (Score -1) 224

Who is to say that these facilities will be around tomorrow - you don't control them and the user does not control or own them. So if I pay for such an application, at a random point in the future it will be stolen from me. Anyone with a solution that works for this? To win, if I buy some software I must still own it and be able to run it in (say) 40 years time ...

Comment That's funny (Score -1) 107

That's funny, all the other nation states will be forced to copy when the subsequent products are released. I also believe there are some very high frequencies out there that are used now but have not been passed to civilians for use, (with lies attached :0) )! 70Ghz+ ish. No one considers these in their calculations but the tech is well understood ...
United Kingdom

Journal Journal: New £16 British Platform

Just when you thought it was safe! Cambridge's David Braben in “Raspberry PI.” #£16UKMicro

User Journal

Journal Journal: Hanukka!

To everyone who likes a bit of a dabble in Judaism online: Happy Hanukkah!

Comment She's coming back! (Score 0) 134

The STS is NOT the best vehicle to use for a private space venture, check out the consumables and maintenance schedule (or guess from the component list). It'll sump all your dough. It would be MUCH smarter to make a liquid fuel space plane / space car from scratch. Make sure that you learn the orbital mechanics side and safety critical systems side or you will break.

Journal Journal: Real Programmers Don't Use Pascal

Real Programmers Don't Use Pascal

Back in the good old days - the "Golden Era" of computers, it was easy to separate the men from the boys (sometimes called "Real Men" and "Quiche Eaters" in the literature). During this period, the Real Men were the ones that understood computer programming, and the Quiche Eaters were the ones that didn't. A real computer programmer said things like "DO 10 I=1,10" and "ABEND" (they actually talked in capital letters, you understand), and the rest of the

Comment Sounds like they're cracking (Score 0) 298

Isn't it funny when employers go paranoid psychotic? As the voices in their head get louder, you would not believe the antisocial intrusive assaults people have to endure. It's just when they do it near police officers in the street later on in the cracking up process that they are forced to resign ... :0)

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