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Comment Lies, lies, lies and yes! Yet more lies! (Score 0) 302

This stuff's all gibberish, NONE of these kids understand either religion or science at all. False opposite stereotyping of reality based psychosis with a parental paranoid bent. I've never seen North Koreans type any item so dumb, but then again they're all witches. You can tell by their badge :0)

Comment Inadvisable (Score 0) 123

It is inadvisable to use this model of selling any games for a rather esoteric reason. I recommend giving historical away the games for free for emulator websites and selling NEW games on CD in shopping malls. I also strongly suggest not using copy protection, licensing, forced online registration or any other ulterior practice that might damage the new products owner. Play it straight this time!
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Journal Journal: Hands off google over this one!

In case you want to mistakenly blame google, just about every form of mobile and fixed computer can be hacked by radio and destroyed. #ComputerMisuse #Theft #Vandalism

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