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Comment But.. It's tv! It's TV! (Score 1) 321

People are just thinking about this now? I've been without tv for months. It's beautiful. Now it'll take a bit to get adjusted I grant you. The complete Simpsons is a big file. But once you get that on your system it's smooth sailing from there. Plus there are other forms of entertainment that're better than tv. Like books. I know you've seen them around. But seriously they're like big DVD box sets. You just sit there and read them, and it's entertaining. You're like 'I wonder what Elric of Melnibone's gonna get up to today? Life's not easy for Elric of Melnibone that's for sure'. Then when people talk about tv, you say 'Hey have you heard of Elric of Melnibone?' and the people you talk to will think you're cool because they'll think you're talking about some new TV show that you can only get on fancy extended cable. But you'll never tell ;)

Comment Space is getting OLD (Score 1) 289

Pssh. 7 meters? Come on outer space, for all your terrifying voidsomeness you sure aren't flinging much in the way of horror our way. What's this I heard apparently Apophis now isn't even a threat. And the Tunguska incident? Hate to break it to your outer space, but nobody was living int he area you hit. Yeah and you'll probably point out the dinosaurs. Sure sure. Let's see you land a decent hit a little more often then every few million years.
What's wrong outer space? Having trouble hitting a mote of dust floating in a sunbeam?

Comment It's called a roof you morons! (Score 1) 478

So you're telling me this multi-billion dollar piece of machinery just has parts of it exposed to the open air that birds can get into, or at least drop stuff into, and that's all it takes to make it shut down? Did they run out of plywood while cobbling this thing together? Or did the bucket of rocks holding the tarp in place over the component get knocked over by some pesky raccoon?

Comment Re:Diesel exhaust in your bread? (Score 5, Insightful) 467

That's nothing! NOTHING! Have you even seen what's in pig, chicken, cow, and sheep manure? And they actually use that stuff to grow food. I mean it's the feces of animals, and they're dumping it on our food to make it grow. But somehow the food is okay and safe to eat. Maybe there's something about plants that allows them to thrive on things that are poisonous to us, but allows them to produce fruits and vegetables that are also edible to us.

Comment Just like Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. (Score 1) 151

Yeah I heard something like this while back. Supposedly all the big console companies were thinking of buying up their own studios and divvying up the market. Nintendo was going to buy Capcom, Sony was gonna get Square, and Microsoft was going to get EA. Strange how that never came to fruition.

Comment It's an old tactic. (Score 1) 422

Back during the depression here in Canada our government passed a law stating if your head were smaller than a common baseball you were exempt from all laws. It's one of those tactics governments use during difficult economic times. There's some thought that it helps drives innovation. In the case of Louisiana, it's likely they want to boost the robotics industry. No human animal hybrids means science will have to focus on cyborgs. In the case of the Canadian baseball head law, they were trying to reduce the number of violent hat thefts; which were quite common during the depression.

Comment No and no. (Score 2, Informative) 63

Silent Hill officially ended with 3. That's when the creators decided to finish everything up and that was that. I see no reason to continue playing the series. I know other people play it for the horror atmosphere, but even then it took a nose dive when it was taken over by a different developer. I'm no fan of bringing back stories that the creators decided to finish or are unable to continue for some other reason. Say as a result of being hit by a truck for example..

Comment What the hell is this crap? (Score 2, Insightful) 28

You understand that Capcom pulled this 'feature' from the game before shipping it so they could gouge customers at a later date right? This sort of thing comes free with pretty much every other game. You could just as easily play one of those and not give these scumbags your money, which may or may not drive home the point that customers want a completed game for their $60.

Comment Re:How do you prove you created the content (Score 1) 380

For one thing it's illegal to remove a watermark from an image, so if somebody takes one of your pics then crops out your CC that won't be good for them. Also to prove you took the picture you need a copy of it with a date on it. Digital copies carry that information with them. Also I imagine having the high rez unaltered version of the image would help too.

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