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Comment Re:Tough call (Score 1) 663

America may do some shitty things, but you've got to be a complete idiot to think the leaders of Iran being disposed off would not be a good idea.

I'm not sure. How does killing/imprisoning/banishing the current leaders help anyone?

Comment Tough call (Score 4, Funny) 663

IANAL, but according to the precedent set by Keepers Vs. Weepers, I think the US will have a very hard time convincing the courts for the immediate return of their supposed property unless they can get their mommy and daddy involved.

Oh, this was in Iran? Well, we know where this is going. The US will just go over to Iran's house and shoot his parents in the face.

Comment Just can't win... (Score 1) 585

The thinking just doesn't follow...
"Global warming may be a bad thing and would require us to take action."
"Global warming isn't happening because we can't absolutely prove it's totally the fault of human activity."

The results of global warming and the cause of global warming are two different arguments, but it's actually evidence that deniers already know global warming is a real threat by trying to suspend the one argument with another. The difference isn't belief that global warming is happening or not; nobody wants it to happen (assuming it will harm us and we're not including misanthropists), some people are just afraid to admit to themselves that the threat is real.

People are pendulums, you push them away and they'll come right back. You can't just show someone evidence and expect them to rationally use it, you have to let them talk long enough for them to hear themselves be wrong.

Comment Re:Just shoot 'em (Score 1) 349

If the majority are pissed, they will kill you. Don't misuse the democratic system, for when you do, those laws will do nothing to protect you.

If that were the social standard, there would still be slavery, no interracial marriage, women's suffrage, anti-homosexuality laws... either a "pure" democratic system sucks or you don't have a firm understanding of democracy.

Comment Re:Un-emptyable jars and bottles (Score 1) 298

... could be used to coat the inside of bottles and jars to help consumers get all of the food inside....

This was written by someone who clearly doesn't understand the motivations in play in the corporate world. These manufacturers don't want you to be able to fully empty a container.

They could just make the bottle smaller to make up for the excess and save money on production. Also, it's worth way more to be the first ones to "HOLY SHIT GUYS YOU CAN GET ALL OF THE KETCHUP OUT OF THIS BOTTLE" than to earn a part of a percent on waster product. It's why Sun Chips had the God-awful biodegradable packaging, if they do it first then the novelty sells itself. They can always go back and call it Coke Classic, too.

Comment Re:The United States of China (Score 1) 412

Hey, wait a minute. We could actually employ people in the USA by rebuilding the manufacturing sector.

And just then I could just see them finding a way to break down the electronic waste we ship overseas and us buying back our own garbage... probably by having the current farmers and factory workers chisel away at the shit.

Comment Re:Forgetting what "Anonymous" means (Score 1) 397

You are way more "delusional" than most of us. You think there is an institution or group on this planet that is 'indestructable'? Almost laughing.. maybe, wishing it were true, but wondering, >what's the difference between having Zeta carved into your forehead or Anon or a Swastika? Not much, me thinking..

Not indestructible, for all I know the people who really contributed to the force of the 4chan-derived Anonymous are already dead.

I'm suggesting that killing Anonymous is a little less like slaughtering livestock and more like clearing a house of cockroaches... even if you burn the house down, they can still escape to infest again.

Comment Re:Forgetting what "Anonymous" means (Score 1) 397

I think people enjoy, more, writing in mythical and mystical tones rather than actually saying something substantial that others haven't considered before.

I don't think I've ever once in my life said something no one's considered before. Have you?

I was commenting in regard to most of the other comments at the time. They were mostly "Hah they chickened out" and "shows you what they're really made of". Most people fail to grasp the unique nature of anonymity in action, which is understandable because without the internet the way it is today it was very hard for that kind of thing to happen before.

What I find interesting about this is that Anonymous, 4chan or not, depends on an already established and powerful society to function... particularly when it comes to talking shit on Slashdot about my mythical and mystical tones.

Comment Re:Gotta hit the customers (Score 1) 397

Yes, it's a bit of a slippery slope in terms of the government taking private property, but did you read the shit the drug cartels do? I fear my government like any good American, but I'm way more afraid of the drug cartels, And I don't live anywhere near the Mexican border.

You know that stupid argument people use to justify pot... like, "well, alcohol and cigarettes are way worse so weed should be allowed, too!" Just because we let one bad thing go on doesn't open the door for every other bad thing, even if it's objectively demonstrable to be less bad.

So, if drug cartels do horrible things without consequences, does that mean the next step is to allow the government to do terrible things because the alternative has the potential for being worse?

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