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Comment Re:sounds like vegimite (Score 1) 410

Not always true, I worked at a company with a receptionist who originally came from Australia. The first time she gave me some Vegemite, I was in love.. mix it with some Mountain Dew, and you have a recipe for yumminess. :) Now if only I knew where to find it locally, mind you, I am lazy, so I haven't looked very hard.

Comment Re:Weren't the earlier betas much faster? (Score 3, Insightful) 821

In fact its ability to isolate faulting apps is excellent.

I think its ability to isolate faulting apps is a little too excellent. Often times, Vista will report that an app has hung or is not responding and should be closed when it is simply performing a rigorous task. This leads to calls where the user keeps complaining about a crashing app, Photoshop or Quark usually (although Quark truly does crash very often). Often times in my experience, Vista is simply being impatient, and conveying that impatience on the user (who really doesn't need assistance in this aspect). *face palm*

What really sucks is that XP is a just-fine OS as well.. but if you try to config a system on Dell now with XP it is an EXTRA $150 (!!).

It is a secret to no one that Microsoft offers incentives to OEM vendors who comply with their policies. I'm sure no one here, including yourself is surprised about this. If the OEM vendor doesn't comply, they will suffer serious repercussions in their ability to compete with other vendors who do comply. Whether this is a bad thing, or a good thing is completely relative to your perspective.

Comment Re:"hand over control" - yum, troll link text! (Score 1) 503

Agreed, the Internet is an opt in service of interconnected networks. An entity only has power if you recognize them via route configuration and authority. I personally think that the idea of moving ICANN out of the US is a good one. I also don't think that any country should have a voice though. I think that only countries whose current infrastructure policies do not breach a certain code of ethics should be allowed to participate. So a country like China would need to get their policies inline before being allowed to have any voice in the matter.

As for defining the policies that must be adhered to, I will leave that to others more talented than myself. However, I would think that something like the code of ethics on lopsa.org would be a good base to start with.

Comment Re:Boy oh boy! (Score 1) 414

Not only that, but this data comes from an unknown subset of websites. So what this information actually tells us is the Operating System trend for people who visit those websites provided they don't obfuscate their useragent in some manner. Most people don't do this, so it is probably fairly accurate for that purpose.

I would only consider this a VERY rough estimate of the market, as in their may have been 1% Linux share a long time ago that simply didn't visit their subset of sites. The truth is, no one knows for certain. These numbers obviously also omit server usage as well... so bluntly, this is a rough estimate of the OS trend of user devices and workstations that visit an unknown subset of websites. Make of it what you will.

Comment Re:Torrent? (Score 1) 186

I don't want these companies to be using my Internet connection to distribute their software and enhancing their profits.

As far as this point goes, I'd say just set your upload rate to 1Kb/s if you want to be like that. However, I think you are looking at it from the wrong perspective. Think of the peers as your... well.. peers. You are sharing a download that you find useful with others who have similar interests. If you choose not to help, that's your choice, and no one is stopping you from it. If uploading causes you inconvenience or additional charges, I don't see any problem with you opting out from uploading and just leeching. Some other generous soul will likely make up for your inability to participate.

If the downloader tool doesn't give you the option of limiting upload rate, use a firewall to either deny or shape traffic.

Comment Re:Where there's a will... (Score 1) 438

Hardcore gaming isn't a niche market, and never will be. This article has no basis in reality.

It assumes that because one market is booming, that another market has shrunk. That is just plain stupid. The previous market was untapped. Now that it is tapped, they assume the number of the other market is bleeding away into it when the truth is that they are STARVING the hardcore gamers. When is the last time a good game came out that was targeted at hardcore gamers that wasn't just a rehashed dead-end sequel?

The casual gamer will eventually get sick of the cookie cutter titles pushed on them as well. Then some article will come out about some other random phantom menace that is the cause of the death of casual gaming!

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