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Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 325

That reminds me of a scene from "Wall-E" where the fat people on the hover chairs only talked to each other via their HUD.

Calling a smartphone emasculating though, that's really far fetched and leads me to believe he has some strange ideas about what masculinity actually is. Either that or he is just really grasping at straws trying to push the glasses. Either way, he definitely doesn't think very highly of the people he is speaking to if he believes rubbish like that will actually persuade them.

Comment Re:Ethics (Score 1) 85

I see a note on the punkspider site to opt out of having your site scanned. Is there a specific way to opt in as well? I would be interested in seeing what results could come out of scanning a few of my sites. I've tried using Skipfish in the past, and a few other scanning utilities, and got a lot of false positives, and also a lot of missed positives. Things I knew were vulnerable and just wanted to see if the scanner would pick up on it.

Thanks for the great work! I look forward to seeing the results, even if some people don't like it. Perhaps sending a notice to "webmaster@domain.tld" would suffice? Possibly even a month or so. Just something along the lines of:

Hey, found some vulnerabilities on your site, this is what they are......
DOMAIN.TLD is currently in queue to be listed in our database on 00/00/2013: click here to request a time extension (or possibly a removal from the list completely) before listing, or click here to queue up another scan of your site when the vulnerabilities are patched.
If you would like assistance in fixing these vulnerabilities, feel welcome to come to our forums or read [link to OWASP info] more information.

I know I would personally appreciate such an automated approach.

Personally, I don't think there should be a removal from the list option if adequate time is given. That's just my opinion though. I feel like if you've done your due diligence to notify the maintainers, after a month or two of time, the public should have a right to know so that they can be avoided.

Comment Re:i like to limit my DHCP scope (Score 1) 884

The truth that nobody wants to really admit is that there's simply no way to keep a determined hacker out of a wireless network. It's, by its very nature, an open network. About the best you can do, short of going wired, is regularly rotate your wireless passwords (get a new one every day, for example), and also maybe set up a VPN on your local network, so that even if you're on the wifi you can't actually do anything with it without connecting to the VPN.

Are you thinking of WEP encryption? If you are using WPA2 encryption, asking someone to change their password once a day is completely unreasonable.

If you are using WPA2 and a semi-long password there is absolutely no need to change the password daily. The way that cracking WPA2 works is by capturing an authentication handshake of a user who knows the password, storing that locally and then cracking it on the local machine. Now you are playing the waiting game, even if the attacker was using ( cracking at 350 billion passwords attempts a second, a password with 20 characters (upper, lower, digits, and punctuation) would take
(32 lower + 32 upper + 32 punctuation + 10 digits) 104 ^ 20 = 2.1911231430334195e+40 possible combinations.
2.1911231430334195e+40 / 350,000,000,000 attempts per second would require 62,603,518,372,383,410,015,659,322,218.865 seconds to try each combination. Which comes out to a potential 2,905,645,676,789,197,589,949.8015733293 years to crack. Change your password once a year and call it good.

Wireless networks are not open by nature, they are broadcast by nature. There is a very big difference.

Comment Re:Never ... (Score 1) 171

I pretty much do the same as you. Some people are still amazed at how fast you can be when you stop using a mouse and only use the keyboard. This is however, completely compromised when you run across applications that have poor keyboard support. Most browsers tend to have excellent keyboard support though.

I am used to using a screen session over and SSH terminal most of the day though, so the keyboard is the king of the kernel there.

Comment Re:Primary Problem? (Score 1) 245

Yeah, I understand exactly what you're saying, and tradition can certainly be a reason. It's not one that I personally follow, but I accept that it is valid. I always thought the point of playing games like that with others was the bonding experience and which game you play, and on what system you play it, was kind of a secondary factor. I know I played a ton of ridiculous games with my friends.

Also, I really don't understand the "I don't want to hook a computer up to my TV" mentality though. Consoles are just niche PCs after all -- to each their own though. It's really none of my business, but the options are out there, even if they aren't ideal. It's not like I'm planning to lead a revolution in the gaming market, so I really only tend to focus on personal solutions.

Comment Re:Primary Problem? (Score 1) 245

There's no reason that it can't though. I'm sure there are some indie games out there that cater to a crowd like that. USB controllers aren't expensive, and a laptop or mini computer (typically costing less than a gaming console, I see one right now for $250 with better specs than the current gen of consoles). You could tote that around to a friends house with remotes, load up some emulation software for old games or load in your shiny new game with multiplayer support through the HDMI out.

Not saying that it is the same, but I have been doing this with a laptop since near 2004. Having a wide selection of roms to choose from is nice too. As a bonus, you can upgrade or repair the mini PC as needed, to an extent of course. You're still limited by what's available in that form factor.

The option is there though, costs roughly the same as a console, with the addition that it is slightly more complex (and rewarding) when pulled off correctly.

Comment Re:Too bad. (Score 1) 798

Just pray you never have to call them for support though, am I right? My wife and I run on Virgin Mobile as well. I bought her a new phone recently and we made the unfortunate (and undocumented) mistake of turning on the new phone before her old one was deactivated. It took us 3 days and calling literally 9 different people before one of them was able to make the magical change to her account that fixed it. She was about ready to just send it back at that point.

But yeah, coverage isn't something I care about either. I rarely use my phone for anything other than notifications, email alerts, calendar alerts, waking my arse up in the morning and making sure I take my lunch break. That's about it. Also, I can't stand the thought of being locked in to a contract. Freeee-dom! sorta.

Comment Re:Goes back to where it came from - The ground (Score 1) 627

I think the problem though is that the ground which the bullets are being put in to was not the ground in which the lead originally came from. Also, lead is not usually found in the same form when it is in the ground. There is probably some legitimate concern about how it gets back into the ground.

Comment Re:What goes around comes around (Score 1) 476

The answer to that is 'no'. There is plenty of evil in the world without anyone helping to add to it. If bad things happen to bad people, so be it, but no one should become an avatar of the distasteful and evil willingly. We become what we regularly do, and if you do evil regularly, no matter the reason, you will become evil.

History has shown time and time again, that you need not become evil to defeat it. Martin Luther King, Jr. birthday is coming up, and he should be a big reminder of what it means to stand up against injustice without sacrificing your own ideals. I say this in a poetic way, not in a literal or religious one: A victory at the cost of the soul, is no victory at all.

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