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Comment Translation (Score 5, Insightful) 71

Rapleaf has agreed to delete all UIDs in its possession, and they have agreed not to conduct any activities on the Facebook Platform (either directly or indirectly) going forward.

Translation: If Rapleaf wants to see the sun rise tomorrow, they will do *exactly* as we say.

Sincerely, Facebook's Legal Team.

Comment Re:Tappin to the music... (Score 1) 292

I agree. This topic really should have been from the "Solution-in-search-of-a-problem" dept. There's a large amount of tactile feedback that you get with a mouse which would be lost with this "solution". Thanks, but I'll stick with the "problem".

Comment Re:So ... (Score 0, Troll) 82

In other words, New York and Indy could have provided the desired maps of our oceans with the taxpayer money they are pissing away.

Congratulations, you bit on the Google troll. It's the one thing I just can't stand about Google...they have to politicize everything, however subtly.

Comment No, Keep it Real. (Score 1) 531

Keep your focus on the ones that have a chance to succeed in IT. Your speech should start like this:

"Hey kids, you see Tommy and Butch over there? Yes, I agree, they are mean doo-doo heads. Does it make you mad because they keep kicking your butts out there on the playground? Yeah, I bet it does. I used to have the same thing happen to me too, when I was your age. But I got 'em back GOOD. Wanna know how I did it?"

At this point, they should be putty in your hands.


Biofuels Coming With a High Environmental Price? 541

DurandalTree writes "With the spectre of global warming on the horizon, biofuels have been touted as the solution to motor vehicles' greenhouse gas emissions. But with biodiesel use on the increase, it appears a distinctively environmentally unfriendly footprint is being left behind by some of its prime sources; affected food prices are surging out of reach of the poor and rainforests are being destroyed to create larger plantations."
PC Games (Games)

Journal Journal: OG Quake Goodies

While on a visit to our friendly neighborhood Value Village thrift store, I saw two NIB Quake related expansions. One was Deathmatch Creator (which said it was the first one approved by Id;-). The other was was Level Creator V for Quake, but did not appear to be endorsed or approved by Id. Each was $9.99.
The Media

Submission + - Apple, Cisco settle iPhone trademark lawsuit

warrior_s writes: Cisco Systems and Apple said Wednesday they have settled the trademark-infringement lawsuit over the use of the iPhone name for Apple's new multimedia phone.
The agreement allows Apple and Cisco to use the iPhone brand on their own products. Also, the companies said that they would explore opportunities for interoperability in the areas of security, consumer and business communications.

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