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Comment Re:well doh. keep it cheap and simple. (Score 4, Insightful) 276

I wouldn't say all ways but:

  • 0: It had an awkward, giant and mostly empty controller with only one thumbstick, the plastic guts of which would rapidly wear, causing it to become wobbly and make it hard to dive after the rabbit in Mario64 because I can't run full speed anymore.
  • 1: Vibrations required an expansion back that itself required a battery instead of being console-powered and it took up the memory card slot (some (most?) games used internal storage, though) instead of using all the empty space in the controller (Sony got two motors and two sticks into a much smaller case).
  • 2: Inadequate cooling system that would cause it to hang.
  • D: Cartridges. Although they're the only system that gives decent boot time, they crap out when your kids swap them without turning the console off one too many times.

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