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Comment Pixel Qi (Score 5, Informative) 97

For those of you who, like me, had never heard of Pixel Qi, its apparently a screen manufacturer thats the commercial offshoot of the OLPC project: Pixel Qi

On a different note, I like that it has an SD slot. That way you can upgrade memory for close to the cost of the actual flash. Not holding my breath for Apples tablet to have one.

Comment Re:Scan Rate (Score 4, Informative) 139

Wouldn't that scan complete one sky in 6 months? It's kind of strange to report that it will do 1.5 in 9.

It's because WISE has a limited life expentancy of 10 months. In that 10 months its expected to cover the whole sky 1.5 times.

The life expentancy is only 10 months because the instrument needs to be cooled, which is done with solid hydrogen. Once the hydrogen is gone, the primary mission is over. Not sure if they have a plan for afterwards and can get secondary uses out of it.

Comment RTFA (Score 5, Informative) 125

Reader CNETNate notes that has streamed 275,000 years of audio around the world

Where did the submitter get that impression? Certainly not from the article. It mentions that they scrobbled 275,000 years of audio. Scrobbling is what's client does when it takes a song you are playing from another source and uploads the meta data to them. Clearly that uses much less bandwidth than streaming a song

So now even the submitters aren't reading TFA anymore? I know, I know... its slashdot. /sigh

Comment Re:Can we stop with the anti-ad sentiment? (Score 1) 849

I disagree. I find the trend of many websites to split the articles into as many as 10 - 15 pages beyond annoying. My browser has a scrollbar for a reason, you don't have to paginate it for me. I know they are trying to increase ad revenue, but it makes me use those sites less. Or get an extension like auto pager.

Comment ABX Just Destroyed My Ego (Score 3, Informative) 849

Most people greatly overestimate how well they can hear these differences, but the never actually try it in ABX testing. I tried it years ago and I can't hear a difference between most codecs at reasonable bitrates and unencoded originals.

Here is an old classic from the Hydrogenaudio forums, from someone would bought expensive head phones and set up ABX testing. He was very shocked when he couldn't even tell the difference between FLAC and Vorbis at 64kb/s.

ABX Just Destroyed My Ego, My perception of my bitrate needs was greatly inflated.

Comment Re:Welders are a scapegoat (Score 5, Informative) 407

I strongly doubt that the welding is the culprit. "Faulty welding" doesn't happen on something of the scale of a bridge.

You're right on. If the author of the article would have watched any of the Caltrans news conferences, they would have answered some of his theories.

The weld that he claims failed was clearly described as only being tacked, not structurally welded. That weld wasn't supposed to hold the structure together, the tie rods were, which failed. One of the improvements they are making now is to replace the tacking with a structural weld, so that even if something broke, these pieces won't come apart. The other improvements center around reducing vibration, especially in the tie rods

Who wrote that article anyway? Some guy on the internet who looks at some pictures of the repair and thinks he knows what a bunch of engineers working on the problem didn't know?

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 137

Is there any morally correct application for 'writing' false memories into a brain?

How about treating PTSD?

Very good point. Also, addiction. Basically, you'd erase the 'memory' of the urge to consume the particular substance your addicted to.

There was a story in the news six months ago about some research that would make it possible to do this in humans. PTSD and addiction were two examples they explicitly mentioned.

Comment Re:and yet (Score 2, Informative) 137

All these advances in speed and yet consumer ISPs can't seem to offer more than 6Mbps down and 1.5Mbps up for less than $70 a month.

Thats because we don't have real competition in the US, so why should they give you more for less?

Compare this to Germany for example, were you can get 16 Mbps for as little as 15 euros/month, 50 Mbps is available and Kabel Deutschland just announced that they are going to start selling 100 Mbps starting next year . Amazing what competition will do.

Comment Gas tax anyone? (Score 2, Interesting) 792

Brilliant Idea. Cause if we want to levy more taxes on the people that drive more, we need to track every car and build an extensive system of RFID scanners that covers the nation.

Of course every car already has a mileage based tracker build in. Its called the gas tank. You simply raise the gas tax, and you're done. In the process you also reward people with fuel efficient cars, and you make it easier for alternative fuels and electric cars to be competitive.

I suppose higher gas taxes have no lobby, while the RFID industry obviously has one. /sigh

Comment Arcane? (Score 1) 241

From TFA:

The issue [...] involves a fairly arcane process used to check for problems in a particular disk.

So chkdsk is an 'arcane' process now? I've gotten used to the mainstream press always trying to dumb down anything even remotely technical, but shouldn't cnet be a little bit better? Guess not.

Comment Re:No kidding! (Score 4, Informative) 186

I finally figured out what app was causing it and disabled it in msconfig. I can't remember what it was right now, but when I get home I will reply to this with the name of the app to disable.

According to the article its called Message Center Plus. Here's uninstall instructions from the linked thread:

Just go to control panel and uninstall [Message Center] in add/remove programs.
Next time you use System Update when it tries to reinstall Message Center Plus, click on the plus sign and instead of selecting it in the enlarged menu choose hide the update. Then you won't see it next time you run System Update. Of course if Lenovo brings out new releases of Message Center Plus you will have to hide them too.

And here, also from the thread, instructions to disable it without uninstalling:

start-->runs-->type msconfig--->go to menue tab --> startup ---> in the list of startup items--->
[ ] MCPLaunch
[ ] Scheduler_proxy
-->apply--> ok then a restart is required--> system
after restart
-->set in the upcoming message a hook , so that it next time didnt comes up..

Comment Re:If you give up the inch, they'll take the mile (Score 5, Insightful) 901

The real problem is that it is surprisingly hard to embrace a new system of measurement when you've spent your entire life thinking in different terms.

Yes. Thats why the Canadians haven't been able to do it either. Or the Irish. Not Australia and New Zealand either. Or India.

Oh wait, they *have* all done it. So how come they can, but for the US it's just too hard?

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