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Comment Re:Change--put a dollar figure on MS hate (Score 1) 742

Let's see: Microsoft, by the Word corruption bug and actively denying it existed, stole $11000 from me in direct costs, and caused the loss of at least $25k in additional contracts.

That is money that my son WOULD have had access to. So by all means, if Microsoft contacts me, and strokes me a check for $35k plus interest at Microoft stock growth rates, and adjusted for price inflation, then the Microsoft hate needs to end there.

Until then, it isn't Microsoft killed my pappy, it's Microsoft stole $35000 from my pappy, and that means Microsoft stole $35000 from ME.

Make it good, Microsoft. If You aren't aboout rectifying your wrongs, then you're just a whiner. Annoying, too.

Comment Re:Forgone conclusion? (Score 1) 47

The fact of the matter is people believe they are entitled to take whatever they want without having to pay the artist. Period. You can try to use whatever semantics you want but in the end the result is the same. People have taken something which they do not have a right to and have not compensated the person/group who has created the work.

The people who believe they are entitled to take what they want without having to pay the artist will _never_ pay the artist. Are you hoping to convert them?

It's not about semantics. I listen to radio without adverts, which I do not pay for, it's paid for by the TV license. Am I pirating music?

Comment Re: Why? (Score 1) 269

My point was that actual vegetable meals taste a whole load better than quasi meat. I don't know why anyone would want to eat a poor substitute for something else, rather than other really good tasting things.

I'm from the UK, by the way, and yes I do eat some mass produced cheese. I also eat lots of cheese that isn't mass produced. Cheshire and Lancashire cheeses are a couple I buy regularly. Interestingly, in the "massively regulated" system we have here, we have quite a lot of unpasteurised cheese available for sale, as well as milk. We have Cheese Freedom!

Comment Re: Why? (Score 1) 269

Animals are actually an incredibly ineffective way of creating nutrients. Animal farming is really only energy efficient if you also use the animals as land clearing machines and fertilizer spreading machines like people used to do before the industrial era.

Animals are actually an incredibly good way of creating nutrients in some landscapes. Sheep and goat herding on steep hills and mountains that are not suited to plant growing and harvesting have millennia old traditions for good reason. Granted, most of our meat now does not come from these areas, but there are still a lot of places where crop growing is impractical, but herds of animals are practical.

Comment Re: Why? (Score 1) 269

They do it because they believe that abusing animals for food is unethical.

We have our own chickens, and eat their eggs. There's no abuse involved. The chickens would not exist unless we owned them and ate (most of) their eggs (we've hatched most of them ourselves). They have a decent life, completely free range in about an acre. We wouldn't grow crops on the land if we did not have chickens.

Eating their eggs is not ethically wrong in any shape or form. Eating battery farmed eggs is wrong in my opinion, and I try not to do it, ever.

Can you see the difference? I agree that abusing animals for food is unethical, but I still eat our chickens' eggs.

Comment Re: Why? (Score 4, Insightful) 269

Meateater here, and I absolutely agree with the above. I love vegetarian meals and dishes too (vegan is rarer, I love cheese), not every meal has to have meat. Anything that tries to emulate meat (or a different type of meat, eg. turkey ham, beef sausages) is diabolical. Spinach and ricotta is sublime (though again, not vegan obviously), and I've made decent tomato/bean/mushroom curries too (which would have been vegan without the bit of butter to fry in, which could easily be replaced).

Anyway, my point is that meat is meat and although there's nothing like a good steak, there are loads of good vegan meals everyone should be eating sometimes, and even more vegetarian meals. Fake meat should never be eaten by someone who eats meat... there's no point. If I were vegetarian or vegan, I would definitely not eat that processed crap still.

Comment Re:Great (Score 1) 320

The story has nothing to do with why, or assumptions or anything else. It merely reports the results. Now please stop getting your knickers in a twist about some supposed butthurt over some imaginary feminism or whatever it is you believe has happened.

However, TFS has plenty of assumptions, and false conclusions : "Even though nearly half of the gaming population is composed of women, they account for less than 10% of the players in competitions."

Women play different games, and play less competitive games generally. Playing Candy Crush or Solitaire, no matter how much you play them, will not help you play competitive Starcraft 2. Note that I'm not saying that all women just play crap games, and all men don't, but I am saying that the female game playing population is far more skewed to the "casual" side. I wouldn't be surprised if the SC professional male/female proportions were broadly similar to the general SC male/female proportions.

The point I'm making is that claiming because 50% of gamers are women does not mean that 50% of gamers of a particular game will be. It's disingenuous comparing total gameplaying population to that of one game, and blaming one aspect of the gameplaying community (the professional leagues) for being non-representative of the entire gaming community, despite being representative of their game's community.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 320

Those records are not representative of good darts - they're just oddball records. Hardly anyone actually tries to do them. The gap between men and women in darts is far closer than those records imply, but there is a definite small gap, as I posted above.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 4, Interesting) 320

Women don't score as well as men in darts. In the BDO darts finals, only once in the last 20 years have either of the male finalists averaged less than the best ever women's average in a final, and that was last year. Only once has a male finalist averaged less than 80, and that was Leighton Rees losing in a whitewash back in 1979 - Anastasia Dobromyslova won the woman's final in 2009 with an average of 73.95. Men regularly average over 90 in the finals, which has never been achieved by a woman.

Where did you get the idea women were as good as men at darts?

Comment Re:Biological psychology treads on dangerous groun (Score 1) 160

Quote GK Chesterton, âoeThe blue cross":

"Reason and justice grip the remotest and the loneliest star. Look at the stars. Don't they look as if they were single diamonds and sapphires?" well, you can imagine any mad botany or geology you please. Think of forests of adamants, with fields of brilliants.think the moon is a blue moon, a single elephantine sapphire.But don't fancy that all that frantic astronomy would make the smallest difference to the reason and justice of conduct. On plains of opal, under cliffs cut out of pearl, you would still find the noticeboard, "thou shalt not steal."

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