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Comment Re:price vs. taste (Score 1) 134

Right now, my favorite is a dark red muscadine from Duplin, the North carolina winery. But then, I was walking in the rte 17 walking park in Chesapeake, and saw and tasted one of the red muscadines, and was extremely impressed with the skin.

French winemakers may like the muscadine for its hardy rootstock; I like it for its grapes.

Comment Let's look at the competition... (Score 3, Insightful) 348

Samsung offers 31 different smartphone models in my local market alone. They range from awful $79 single core handsets intended for the prepaid market through the S4 and Galaxy Note series. Their shotgun approach guarantees that whatever price range a customer is looking, they're likely to at least consider a Samsung. The problem is that they don't make money on the low end, even though they ship millions of units. It's only the top tier handsets that command the large margins.

Apple is a far smaller company that doesn't have its own manufacturing facilities. That fact alone prevents them from participating in the low end of the smartphone market -- by the time they give Foxconn or Pegatron their cut, the margin on a sub-$100 phone would be unacceptable. It would be a make-work project. By eliminating the iPhone 5 from the lineup and replacing it with the 5C, the company seems to be positioning the 5C to gradually slide into the midrange market in a way that doesn't cannibalize sales from the top of the line glass and pixie dust series.I suspect that it will be under a year before the 5C is available for $0 on contract, with a manufacturing cost that's lower than the 4 that it replaces.

Comment Re:Obama needs to pardon Snowden (Score 1) 179

(1) sorry, running off memory.
(2) You are correct; not *every* candidate is a member. Look up how many of them were, though. But though I said Yale, there is also a university in Virginia, maybe Longwood IIRC.
(3) Please wait on sources... I have to look up something in a book I *may* have around (it may be a couple hundred miles away, too): Roy Schoeman. Regarding it being an outgrowth, I don't know that the original club was, but I do remember seeing sources that I considered reputable that indicated that the modern club *was* an outgrowth. Right now, googling doesn't get me close to any reputable sources. The quality of google isn't what it was five, ten years ago.

Comment Re:Obama needs to pardon Snowden (Score 0) 179

Okay, first, we are never given a choice. Usually, our "choice" is between a member of the Skull and Crossbones club, and a member of the Skull and Crossbones club. Our Yale club Skull and Crossbones, whose members also occupy most of the high appointed positions by now, was an outgrowth of Nazi Germany; more specifically it seems to tie to the occult pagan rituals that were associated with high ranking nazis who appeared, well, posessed.

In any case, if any one club has a majority of the power, unelected, then that is an indicatiu that Democrac no longer functions. Google the club, and see how many of the recent presidential "approve candidates" were NOT members. Recent being the last twenty years.

I, for one, wrote in names, or voted for third party candidates. But it has no bearing on reality.

You say you fought your Nazis--very well and good. Did you fight them when they were strong, in 1938? Or when they were weak, and known, andless harmful, in 2010?

Comment Re: technology vs. quality (Score 1) 617

Actually, this isn't the case. A good engineer will do an excellent job of mic'ing instruments and getting good sound recorded for each track. The brick wall mastering mess happens when the final version of the track is mixed to stereo. And, sadly, it occurs for the simple reason that humans trend to perceive louder sounds as better sounds.

Comment Re:Wouldn't call it a standard... (Score 1) 166

Football teams all over Europe use international players - iirc, the premiership is about 1/3 English, the rest are foreign. And that does include Africa, and every other continent on the earth. Doesn't mean we call it the world anything though. Doing so for a club competition would seem a little obtuse, and arrogant.

I guess it's up to you what you call your club competitions.

Comment Re:Wait, wait! (Score -1, Flamebait) 706

Let me point out that back when I was a kid, there was a per;on I knew uho really liked baseball. He'd practice tons; he'g read about it. He'd memorize trivia; he had baseball cards, and used them for fantasy baseball games back before there was fantasy sports.

He also had a temper, and couldn't stand it when people were "unreasonable", that is, disagreeing with him and not changing to agree with him. When that happened, he'd discuss it. For a long time. And he'd comfort himself during the discussion by picking up and swinging his baseball bat. A fifteen year-old.

Once, he accidentally hit the person he was discussing with. Accidentally. Once. And he was really very sorry, apologetic even.

Anyhow, back to the topic at hand. Just a game? I absolutely disagree. Interfering with school operations? Absolutely. Arrested? I couldn't approve more.

Such things are messages, and they convey the message "we're doing things my way, or else."

Comment Re:It's simple (Score 1) 452

It's not possible to not convict innocent people. There are always going to be outlier cases in which the person is innocent, but all the evidence points to them.

This is shown by the phrase "beyond reasonable doubt". It's not "beyond any doubt". There can still be a possibility that the person was innocent, and you should still convict in our current legal system. You may not like it, but that's how every legal system basically works.

Comment Re:Idiots (Score 1) 85

Why is this modded up? It's nothing to do with the story. In England, just about every single city is on the coast, so that's not relevant. We also know about flash floods too, which, due to our climate, occur relatively regularly. Only last fortnight or so, we had flood warnings near where I live. If you find a house in the UK that's not at risk of flooding, it's on top of a hill.

Comment Re:Poor statistics (Score 1) 512

That said, my memory was that some reported on Âlashdot that you can force the failure of an SSD by powering it down in themiddle of a write, then powring it up, causing it to go into chkdsk, and finally powering it down in the middle of chkdsk. Which is not too unlikely an occurrance. If you wanted to decrease the user failure rate, you might hook it upyo a supercapacitor.

Comment Re:201 mph (Score 1) 226

The only car I've ever gone off the top of the speedo was an old mini clubman. It was a very long hill, and the speedo did only go up to 90, though. That car had amusingly bad all round drum brakes, and its oil consumption was approximately half its petrol consumption.

I've gone a little faster than that in my Integra type R... 15 to 150 in top gear (to be fair, it doesn't really like chugging at 15 in top, but it can do it ok - 20mph is fine though... 15mph is about 900rpm iirc).

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